My Life My Style: Vikram Raizada

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 23, 2012 20:40 hrs

Best work moment?
Winning the “Print Campaign of the Year” at the Retail Jeweller India awards.

Books on your bedside?
Wendell Rodricks’ Green Room and Carol Woolton’s Fashion For Jewels.

Massage or workout to de-stress?
Actually both. And also cycling three times a week.

Designs that have caught your eye recently?
The new season from Prada, Gunjan Gupta’s latest designs and Farah Baksh from Goodearth.

Your IT tools?
Currently, the iPad and the BlackBerry. But I am now considering the iPhone 5.

Favourite spirit?
I am spiritually inclined! Typically, I prefer single malts and like Islay malts the most.

Favourite wine?
I am essentially partial to the reds, not politically though. I am trying out different reds to pick a favourite — the Malbecs are leading for now.

Favourite champagne?
Moët Chandon

Your sleeping ritual?
I try and get to bed by midnight. However, regardless of the time I go to sleep, I am always up by 6 am.

Favourite TV show?
I tend to tune in to History Channel for 30 minutes before lights out.

Best gift received?
Some excellent diving gear from my wife on my last birthday.

Best gift given?
The engagement ring I gave my wife. It was designed by a colleague at work.

Favourite cuisine?
Currently, it’s Japanese.

Food items you like to shop for?
Spicy cheese, cold cuts and dark chocolates.

Newspapers, TV channels and websites you prefer?
I browse through eight newspapers every morning. I hardly watch TV or surf the Internet but I flip through loads of magazines, both Indian and international.

On a plane, do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading?
On domestic flights, I like to read and sleep. On international flights, I typically watch films and sleep.

Fancy coffee or masala tea?
There’s nothing like a great cup of tea early morning. But after that it’s coffee through the day and an awesome shot of Lavazza at home after dinner.

What do you cook on your day off?
I have totally stopped cooking. I had learnt out of sheer necessity while studying in Australia. I guess I need to get back to it.

Favourite city?
Depends, but overall I’d say Paris.

What’s your fragrance?
Hermes for the day. And Jo Malone for the night.

The shoemaker you trust your sole with?
I have to say I am partial to Ferragamo and Gucci. Having said that, you will find most leading shoemakers well represented in my closet.

Your shaving mantra?
Clinique and Gillette Fusion make a great combination… super luxurious and super quick… and most important super comfortable.

Your favourite evening wear?
A semi-formal jacket with a pair of well-fitting jeans.

What’s your weekday breakfast like?
Typically four egg whites cooked differently with some complex carbohydrate.

And weekend?
I love crisp south Indian snacks with lots of thick sambar.

Your current set of wheels?
A Mercedes E 200 and a Royal Enfield 500 Desert Storm.

In the car is it sleep or cell for you?
It’s usually the cell on the way to work and sleep on the way back.

God for you is…
The master of the universe.

Favourite café?
The current favourite is Café Zoe in Mumbai.

Favourite restaurant?
A whole lot but Bomras in Goa leads the pack.

Your ideal holiday?
Driving in the Italian countryside, walking the Paris streets and active water sports in Thailand.

Vikram Raizada
Director, Tara Jewels

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