Navy reviews fire safety of working uniforms

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 18:45 hrs

The Navy is reviewing whether its camouflage working uniforms are safe for sailors at sea after a test revealed exactly how flammable the material is.

In October, tests found the cotton-nylon blend uniforms worn by most sailors aboard ships will burn until they're completely consumed. In contrast, Army and Marine combat uniforms are designed to be self-extinguishing.

The Navy dropped requirements for all sailors to wear flame-resistant uniforms at sea in 1996, although sailors in specific jobs such as engine room personnel are still issued flame-resistant clothing.

But some sailors and their families questioned why everyone isn't issued a flame-resistant uniform aboard a ship.

On Friday, Navy commanders said a working group would review the issue. Navy officials hope to have the group's findings within a few weeks.


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