Now, Digvijay Singh poses 27 questions to Arvind Kejriwal

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 20, 2012 18:42 hrs

After his allegations against India Against Corruption’s Arvind Kejriwal yesterday, Congress general-secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday issued a list of 27 questions to the activist. These included questions on off-shore funding of Kejriwal’s non-government organisations (NGOs). Singh also questioned the activist’s 20 years of service as an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer.

Yesterday, Singh had written a letter to the activist, describing him as a “self-serving ambitious megalomaniac”. On Saturday, he asked Kejriwal to “respond to them (the questions) with clarity and honesty, as you demand from others.”

In his three-page letter, Singh asked, “Why are there no details of individual donors and corporate donors on any website of your NGOs... Is it a fact that the NGO Kabir, with whom you are closely associated, received $1,72,000 and $1,97,000 from Ford Foundation in 2005 and 2009, respectively?”

“Was this foreign money used to organise seminars, advocacy, discussions, programmes, social media campaigns and publicity material related to the issue of corruption?” the letter added.

Singh also sought information on Kejriwal’s “relationship with US-based NGO Avaaz”, which, he said, had funded civil disobedience movements in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. “What is the logistical and other support your anti-corruption movement received from Avaaz?” he asked.

Singh also sought answers on Kejriwal’s tenure as an IRS officer, questioning how, despite his 20-year service, Kejriwal had never served outside Delhi, despite the rules permitting tenure of up to only three years at a particular location. Singh sought to know how Kejriwal had managed to secure permission to go on a study leave with full pay and, subsequently, form an NGO, despite the Central government rules not permitting this.

He also asked Kejriwal why he never raised the issue of corruption in Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states. “You have been asking for Jan Lokpal from the government, but you haven’t questioned Narendra Modi, who has successfully blocked the appointment of Lokayuktas in Gujarat since 2002,” he said. Singh also charged Kejriwal with misappropriation of funds. “A senior member of your core committee has alleged you have misappropriated funds of Rs 20 crore,” he said.

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