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Last Updated: Fri, Apr 11, 2008 08:54 hrs

We are familiar with the integrated voice response system (IVRS) for airlines and railways that tells us about arrival and departure timings of flights and trains in a monotonous voice. How about one for buses that gives you instant information on arrival and departure timings, the routes, and the transit points at which they are currently present etc, that too via internet or SMS? Sounds far-fetched? But that is what has been made real by Chennai-based Dhanus Technologies.

The company, which calls itself a global alternate telecommunications service provider, has introduced its telematics service called FleeTrac and has entered into an arrangement with Kerala State Private Bus Operators Federation to offer the service for its passengers. This integrated vehicle tracking system, which would soon go live across the entire part of the God's own country, will provide passenger information for more than 20,000 private buses plying in the state on multiple media, including SMS, through a centralised network-operating centre.

In an exclusive interview to Sannidha Praveen of, Srikanth Krishnamoorthy, Executive Vice-President (Technical) of Dhanus Technologies, who was instrumental in developing FleeTrac telematics, gives a complete picture about this unique service.

How does the FleeTrac service work?

Dhanus has built the proprietary service FleeTrac for vehicle tracking across several industries from BPO to fleet management for logistics. The solution provides detailed information about mileage; routes covered and also pinpoint locations up to the second with absolute accuracy.

We have also built the web interface in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, keeping in mind that language should not be a stumbling block to adopting technology.

Dhanus sees a future where fleets of several thousand vehicles across multiple locations can be monitored, using this web-based service to monitor everything from fuel siphoning, over-speeding to unauthorised unloading or route deviations thus making it possible for fleet owners and companies to eliminate wastage and optimise their operations.

Do you levy any maintenance charges from the bus operators?

No maintenance charges are levied on the FleeTrac services.

Are there any restrictions on the boundary for the FleeTrac service?

FleeTrac service is based on revolutionised satellite services hence the boundary restrictions are subject to GSM operator's availability in the area. Also, security concerns on locations are addressed.

Do you levy any charges from passengers?

The FleeTrac is a free service to the passengers. However, a fee is levied when one uses the SMS service requesting information.

What's the role of Shobha Applied DSP and Kiran Tech in the FleeTrac project?

Shobha Applied DSP is our manufacturing partner for this product. A subsidiary company of Shobha Renaissance Information Technology Private Limited (SADSP) is in the business of manufacturing telematics equipment and will be the exclusive business partner to Dhanus Technologies to supply all the telematics equipments for this project.
Kiran Technologies are our local coordinators for this project.

Tell us about your company's growth?

Dhanus Technologies, a part of Dhanus Group, is a rapidly growing global communication services company with an Indian heart and hence every project of ours is driven with India being its centre of focus.

Can you throw more light on your future plans?

Dhanus Technologies aims to be a global provider in the alternate telecommunication service sector. We plan to grow inorganically through strategic mergers and acquisitions, besides expanding our present markets globally for V-Tel and FleeTrac.

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