Petrol prices: Fall in fortnight less than half the rate of rise earlier

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 11, 2018 17:43 hrs
Petrol Pump (PTI image)

New Delhi: Domestic petrol prices, which had hit record levels for 16 consecutive days in May, have been on the reverse trend for the last 13 days, including Monday, but the relief for consumers has been slow in coming.

The pace of decline has been less than half the rate of surge.

Percentage-wise, since May 30, when prices started to take a downturn, petrol prices have slipped 2.35 per cent in Delhi, compared to the 5.5 per cent in the previous 16 days.

In absolute terms, prices have gone down by Rs 1.85 a litre since May 30, compared to the increase of Rs 3.8 per litre in the during May 14-29. On Monday, fuel was sold at Rs 76.58 per litre in the national capital, down 20 paise from Sunday's level, the IndianOil Corp's website showed.

In Mumbai, where petrol prices were the highest in the country last month, the decline has been much slow at Rs 1.23 per litre so far, against the rise of Rs 3.76 a litre during May 14-29.

On Monday, petrol price in Mumbai was Rs 84.41 per litre against Rs 84.61 on Sunday. Similarly, in Kolkata and Chennai, the fuel was sold at Rs 79.25 and Rs 79.48 respectively.

In Kolkata and Chennai too, the decline has been Rs 1.81 and Rs 1.65 per litre in the last 13 days, around 50 per cent of the previous rate of increase.

In tandem with petrol prices, diesel too has seen a decline, but of only around 2 per cent in all the major cities including Delhi, compared to over 5 per cent rise in the previous fortnight.

Both in Delhi and Kolkata, diesel prices in the last 13 days have declined by Rs 1.36, and in Mumbai and Kolkata, the fall was of Rs 1.44 and Rs 1.45 per litre respectively.

On Monday, prices of the fuel in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai were at Rs 67.95, Rs 70.50, Rs 72.35 and Rs 71.73 per litre, respectively.

State Capitals (Applicable from 6:00 a.m. on 11-06-2018) Petrol Current Price(Per Lt) Petrol Previous Price(Per Lt) Change(Rs)
Petrol price in DelhiRs.76.58 Rs.76.78 -0.20
Petrol price in KolkataRs.79.25 Rs.79.44 -0.19
Petrol price in MumbaiRs.84.41 Rs.84.61 -0.20
Petrol price in ChennaiRs.79.48 Rs.79.69 -0.21
Petrol price in FaridabadRs.77.35 Rs.77.55 -0.20
Petrol price in GurgaonRs.77.11 Rs.77.31 -0.20
Petrol price in NoidaRs.77.42 Rs.77.57 -0.15
Petrol price in GhaziabadRs.77.30 Rs.77.46 -0.16
Petrol price in AgartalaRs.72.34 Rs.72.52 -0.18
Petrol price in AizwalRs.72.46 Rs.72.64 -0.18
Petrol price in AmbalaRs.76.69 Rs.76.89 -0.20
Petrol price in BangaloreRs.77.82 Rs.78.03 -0.21
Petrol price in BhopalRs.82.18 Rs.82.38 -0.20
Petrol price in BhubhaneswarRs.75.40 Rs.75.60 -0.20
Petrol price in ChandigarhRs.73.65 Rs.73.84 -0.19
Petrol price in DehradunRs.77.88 Rs.78.04 -0.16
Petrol price in GandhinagarRs.75.89 Rs.76.08 -0.19
Petrol price in GangtokRs.79.60 Rs.79.80 -0.20
Petrol price in GuwahatiRs.78.73 Rs.78.94 -0.21
Petrol price in HyderabadRs.81.12 Rs.81.33 -0.21
Petrol price in ImphalRs.74.66 Rs.74.86 -0.20
Petrol price in ItanagarRs.72.47 Rs.72.65 -0.18
Petrol price in JaipurRs.79.33 Rs.79.53 -0.20
Petrol price in JammuRs.78.30 Rs.78.50 -0.20
Petrol price in JullunderRs.81.79 Rs.82.00 -0.21
Petrol price in KohimaRs.75.05 Rs.75.24 -0.19
Petrol price in LucknowRs.77.36 Rs.77.52 -0.16
Petrol price in PanjimRs.70.57 Rs.70.75 -0.18
Petrol price in PatnaRs.82.06 Rs.82.26 -0.20
Petrol price in PondicherryRs.75.37 Rs.75.57 -0.20
Petrol price in Port BlairRs.66.01 Rs.66.18 -0.17
Petrol price in RaipurRs.76.98 Rs.77.18 -0.20
Petrol price in RanchiRs.76.52 Rs.76.68 -0.16
Petrol price in ShillongRs.75.97 Rs.76.16 -0.19
Petrol price in ShimlaRs.76.75 Rs.76.95 -0.20
Petrol price in SrinagarRs.81.00 Rs.81.19 -0.19
Petrol price in TrivandrumRs.79.69 Rs.79.89 -0.20
Petrol price in SilvasaRs.74.49 Rs.74.69 -0.20
Petrol price in DamanRs.74.42 Rs.74.61 -0.19

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