Radio want-ad shows plug listeners into bygone era

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 04, 2013 08:00 hrs

In much of the world, people looking to buy and sell things go online to flick through search results or post ads. But in some parts of rural America, they're just as likely to tune in to a local radio station.

Three times every weekday (and twice a day on Saturdays) people in western Arkansas call in to a radio station that produces an audio adaptation of the classified ads. For an hour or so, callers on KARV's "Dial-A-Trade" explain what they're looking to buy, sell or trade. Then they leave their phone numbers. On live air. For free.

The programs are neither new nor unique to Arkansas. For decades, similar shows across the country filled the airwaves with callers wanting to buy and sell everything from apples to ammunition.

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