Realty major Ajmera to invest $ 10 million into startups

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 25, 2018 17:52 hrs

Realty major Ajmera in a note shared with said that it was looking at investing $10 million into funding startups.

"Ajmera group a premier real estate company is now out to invest in Start-ups as part of their 50th year expansion plan," said the note.

"The Real Estate Group is looking at investing approximately 10 million dollars in Start-ups across various verticals such as technology, e-commerce, customer internet, Solar and Fintech. Apart from their entry into the International market, Ajmera Group has already diversified into sectors like power, steel, education, sports and logistics sector etc,"

As part of the investments made, Ajmera has invested in, Sports Gurukul, and an initiative called i-safe.

"First on the list of many is - an initiative that was started in 2014 by Aadya Webservices Pvt Ltd. aims at providing a marketplace for Customers and Service Providers (Vendors) that enables them in connecting with each other and conducting business in a convenient and organised manner by scheduling online appointments."

"Ajmera has already collaborated with The Sports Gurukul which is India's leading physical education, professional sports & fitness development and training organization that are constantly looking to create awareness for sports and fitness as an important part of moral and physical education. The Sports Gurukul operates in over 25 cities & over 150 schools across the country."

"Ajmera ‘i-safe’ is another initiative that welcomes you to the most efficient and one of a kind locker service in Mumbai. Now you can safeguard your valuables while enjoying the convenience of accessing them any day."

Company spokesperson Dhaval Ajmera, a Director explained, "As a company we have always believed that diversification is a big part of growth, so as part of our 50th year expansion plan we are looking forward to invest into Start-ups and help them bring their ideas to life as they have the power to change the face of this country".

The Ajmera group established in 1968 has been reported as developing 28 million sq ft of real estate. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock exchange.

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