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Dear Students,

LAST WEEK WE ASKED: Do you think the multiple offer system introduced by IIM Calcutta will actually help students and recruiters alike?


Multiple offer system is definitely not welcome by any recruiter. Companies won't appreciate if someone they shortlisted, has preferred another company over theirs. Sometimes it even jeopardises the relationship college shares with the recruiter and they may drop campus from the list of colleges they visit. However, the term multiple offers system may sound appealing to students, unless you end with a single offer at end of placement week and that too not of your choice.  They should realize that when someone somewhere bagged multiple offers, there was also someone who missed the offer by an inch.

- Ashish Maheshwari, IIFT, Delhi.


Shifting from spot offer system to multiple offer system helps avoid a ruckus among students. Most students, who are unwilling to take risks and are unsure about the possibility of a better company visiting the campus, usually settle for the initial companies. The new system reduces this race and eases the student pressure; by giving them a fair chance of selecting the better option among those available.  However how easily can it be implemented is for other lower rung B-schools to be seen.

- Glorin Sebastian, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore.

The move would benefit some students because of their increased chances of getting better roles and higher salary packages, thereby deprive chances of other students of the college who are making a beeline for getting placed. Ultimately the student would have to zero down on a single offer at the time of accepting the offer. This would result in wastage of manpower and talent for the company recruiters, who otherwise would have got deserving and perhaps better graduating students.

- Arun Sundar, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore

The multiple offer system will not only help in reducing the pressure on students to accept whatever comes their way first but will also grant them enough time to make an informed decision about the company they want to work for and the Job Profile. Companies will also be able to find the talent best suited for the job they offer. This system will be beneficial for both students and companies as it will help in making a best-fit between students and the jobs offered.

- Pratik Nayak, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore.

The proposed system would give students time to evaluate their options and make the right call. Since the students have options of jobs before them to select from, they undergo lesser pressure during the process and ultimately it results in better decisions, without compromising their preferences. The recruiters also are in a position to select the best candidate from the available pool since the students would take up a job only after weighing all pros and cons and would not just take up the assignment for the heck of it.

- Bhuvana Bhimaiah, Alagappa University, Bangalore.

The multiple offer system is a win-win situation for both student and recruiters. The student will get an opportunity to get internship in his desired profile which is very much imperative as the majors in second year and jobs in successive years largely depends on the area in which one has done his internship. On the other hand, they will get highly motivated and creative bunch on students who will contribute toward company. This will also help recruiters to chart out their future strategies like PPO.

- Nilaya Mitash Shanker, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

Under the new system, a student can receive several offers or alternatives on the same day and select best out of them. The system will be beneficial for both companies and students, as the students go through lesser stress during the process and make enhanced judgement. Students allowed for one offer, gives them little freedom regarding which firm they wish to join. However, the new system will grant students time to evaluate their options and make the right call, which help them to get the right job.

- Kishore Iyengar, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

The recent surge of decisions made by IIM Calcutta, has been aimed at breaking the logjam of IIM's innovative placement process. The multiple offer system introduced by IIM C had given the students the option to leverage their skills and receive multiple offer by different recruiters and choose the best of best offer from the best one which was not possible in the old placement edition of IIM Calcutta.On the ground of recruiters, they might to pay a premium in order to hire the student, which will yield high dividends in the long term for the long term.

- Harsh Mehta, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

For students to appear for multiple interviews on the same day, even if they get job offers from other organizations will help them to choose the best according to them. Often due to pressure created by friends, students have a tendency to accept the first job offer they receive, without judging the profile, sector and their level of interest. But now students will fell low stress because of this flexibility. And as far as recruiters are concerned, it will also be beneficial for them because they can choose the best candidate from the available resources.

- Pritheejit Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata.

Multiple offer system would allow students to have a wide range of choices along with time to evaluate their choices, and thus allowing them to make informed choices. Every student’s preference would be to choose the best among the rest, thereby putting companies on their toes as they would offer tempting packages along with other fringe benefits, perks and allowances to attract the best minds. Along with a larger pool of candidates, recruiters would get a segment of those who have self interest as the driving force behind the selection of an organisation rather than peer pressure.

- Girish Changulani, Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad.

The system will benefit students to get the right job, and not just any job. The new system grants students time to weigh their options and make the right call. Students no longer have to choose a firm out of peer pressure and can wait for companies of a particular sector attending the placements. It is beneficial for recruiters too as they are also able to select the best students from the available pool. IIM-C enables a no compromise situation wherein students would no longer be forced to take the undesired first option.

- Rishav Dugar, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore.

Students can give Interview at same place on same day. They get more opportunity for getting the job, but sometimes students can feel tiredness because of interview held on same day for more companies. Interview could be less effective, which student will gives in end of the day. Main advantage of this system is student will allow to appearing for interview even after they secure a job offer from other firms. This helps them get the right job at right place at right time. Overall multiple offer system beneficial for the students.

- Sagar Rawalani, Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad.

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