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Dear Students,

LAST WEEK WE ASKED: Do you think IIMs should move beyond management studies to cover other disciplines?


In India management is synonymous with IIMs, technology with IITs, MBBS with AIMS, Law with National Law College, Basic Sciences with St. Stephen's and so on. We have already seen even after so many years of incorporating MBAs and humanities into the IITs they have not come at par with other top institutes in their respective discipline. So the need is to open more and more IITs, IIMs, Stephens, AIMS and not dilute each other's status by mixing one with the other.

- Nilaya Mitash Shanker, IIT Roorkee.


Right mix of theoretical and practical education is the key for the success of IIMs. The same is changing with the disciplines. Standards of IIM are so high that it is hard to match the same in different disciplines. So IIMs' success in entering different discipline will entirely depends on the research study and the risk they are willing to take as the reputation is at stake.

- Jimit Parikh, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

In India, the trend in higher education is changing day by day. To make it more attractive, IIMs can take innovative steps by introducing new interesting courses. The introduction of new courses can increase the value of higher education as well as the aspirant students will also have more option. Beyond the world of finance and business management IIMs can cover other disciplines such as rural management, energy management and agriculture management.

- Kishore Iyengar, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

IIMs should not move beyond the management studies because if they do, it will be suicidal. As IIMs are well known within and outside the country for management studies, they should rather stick to it.

- Vishal Rajai, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

Education imparted by IIMs are perceived as benchmark in the area of management education, they have achieved this position because of the fact that they have concentrated on their core competency rather than being jack of all trades. The notion of targeting a niche rather than being an umbrella brand would be more promising for current scenario to tackle the dearth of Ivy League of institutions in India. Establishing of specialized institutions for every discipline would bring the deemed reforms in education in India along with increasing competitiveness of Indian institutes in global scenario.

- Girish Changulani, Jhunjhunwala Business School, Faizabad.

IIMs have created their own category, brand and manifestation towards society that gives a faith, credibility and quality for other educations. IIMs are known for selecting the best candidates from the countries talent pool. Any field needs system or management and if management faculty starts other work that will definitely leads to proper disciplines and successful new department in IIMs. IIMs faculty and management is having depth R&D which ways to authenticated new vocation.

- Vivek Shah, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

The crux of content in terms of higher studies is research and development in which all Indian premier institutes including IIMs is missing. So it should include it in curriculum. It should enrich its educational superiority through  courses on rural development and sustainability which is the need of the time and environmental protection. Opening an avenue for M.Tech and value added courses like on six-sigma or JIT will further boost their credential.  

- Gaurav Singh, IBS, Bangalore.

The current global scenario needs skilled management personnel devoid of fear and greed to handle frequently changing challenges and opportunities. IIMs now have the potential responsibility to groom students, setting aside the wonderful idea to allow study of multi disciplines. Increasing boundaries is essential requirement for enrichment more important is consolidation which helps to develop excellence. Introduction of new disciplines is bound to bring in deviation in focused concentration thus dilute attention in single point objective. In a world with fast erosion of values and ethics it is of prime importance that IIMs instill the realization to adhere to these.

- Soma Dutta, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

IIMs have always been apple of recruiter’s as well as student’s eye because of the integrity they maintained with classy teaching standards over the years .if IIM's venture into other disciplines apart from management course it will surely add great value to Indian education system by coupling current theoretical teaching pattern with practical exposure which  will significantly increase number of employable graduates across the country eventually boosting the  looming placement scenario in the country.continuing same era from management IIM’s may set up benchmark in other disciplines too for other institutes.

- Sanket Marathe, Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai.

It is imperative for institutions to leverage on their internal strengths and be able to continually redefine and expand both knowledge disciplines and its content. There is growing consensus that there are few humanities, medical and law students at IIMs, therefore the courses should be extended that attract the best students of various disciplines.  This will help the IIMs to be connected and relevant in future by integrating with the larger ecology of disciplines.

- Akshay Chadha, NSIT Delhi.

Low quality education is no really education at all” IIM providing the high quality education in the management studies. If IIM will move beyond the management program means the quality level of other disciplines will also get increase hence, India will produce the more quality education in other discipline also every year.

- Abdul Navi Khan, NIFT, Patna.

How IIMs positioned itself today is due to the seeds sown by IIMs in the past several years of dedicated hardwork of enthusiastic students and expert team of faculties Diversifying from management to other discipline might dilute the image of IIMs as a Best among Best management B-School .Thus the out of box thinking by IIMs for other discipline can be initiated by IIMs but the success will be tested on the wheel of time.

- Harsh Mehta, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

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