This is just the tip of the iceberg: Arvind Kejriwal

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 06, 2012 18:50 hrs

Days after announcing that he would launch his political party, Arvind Kejriwal fired a salvo at the Gandhi family. Kejriwal questioned how DLF had favoured Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra. He tells Sreelatha Menon how this is part of his fight against corruption and how he cannot change the system on his own

You’ve raised the issue of properties owned by Robert Vadra and there has been talk of his wealth running into thousands of crores. Do you plan to talk about more acquisitions or is this a one-off?

The question I have raised is how did Vadra’s companies amass so much wealth in three years with no business transactions. Perhaps we should all know the formula so that everyone can benefit from it. People would learn how to make money without doing anything. I believe that this Rs 500 crore property is just the tip of the iceberg. I have been hearing other stories about his wealth and if people tell me, I will go deeper into it.

What about Vadra’s mother’s properties and her business dealings?
So far, we just have data on six companies, some of which are jointly owned by Vadra and his mother. We don’t have any other data on his possessions. Whatever we had we have revealed.

Why do you say DLF gave them Rs 300 crore in return for “favours”? Congress says you have no evidence.
We got all the documents of the six companies examined by chartered accountants and we found that in three years, their assets grew from just Rs 50 lakh to Rs 300 crore. And since there were no transactions by these companies, we wonder what was the purpose of setting up these companies. To use corporate jargon, this is what is called ‘the corporate veil’. We are just lifting this veil. DLF wanted to transfer Rs 300 crore to Vadra. So it showed some transactions by these companies on paper and got the money. But why? In Haryana’s Wazirabad, the government acquired 350 acres of land from people for public purpose to set up industries. Instead, it gave the land to DLF to make apartments. In those apartments, Vadra has got seven flats and a 10,000 sq ft penthouse. Besides, all these transactions are spread between Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan — all Congress-ruled states. There are more examples and much more we don’t know of. Those who know more should tell us.

Don’t you think your expositions would just lead to a fight between various interest groups and take the country to civil war? There will be your people, the Congress and there will be others, all fighting with each other…
We are not part of any group. We are just here to fight corruption.

It is felt that you would either be silenced by being given part of the loot if you expose the corruption or eliminated.
We are not for sale. That is for sure. As for whether someone will kill us, I don’t know.

We are a nation with philosophies from all religions giving us values of simplicity and truthfulness. How will you bring those values into the system to reduce greed and selfishness?
I can’t do it alone. Jab paani sar pe se guzar jayega (when water goes over your head) people will realise they have to change their ways.

But you are not able to bridge the gap even between yourself and your civil society friends who also wish for the good of society. Look at Aruna Roy. Why is she not with you?
Ask them why they are not with us.

Have you been threatened or approached by the Congress after you made the allegations against Vadra?
No. So far nothing like this has happened.

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