TickleMeThink - New iOS App makes it simple to create new ideas anytime anywhere

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 02, 2013 13:50 hrs

TickleMeThink a new iOS app (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch) that makes it easy to create new ideas anytime anywhere, is now available in the Apple app store.

India, Mumbai, June 16, 2013: In today's world being good, is not good enough. If you are ambitious and want to make a mark in your field, you must think differently, do things better. You have no choice but to do so.

Einstein says "INSANITY is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results." (By his definition most people and organizations in the world must be insane!)

There is substantial evidence to show that individuals and organizations who made a huge impact on the world, knew how to think differently and do things better.

However, for most of us, thinking differently does not seem to come easy, because of our habitual ways of thinking.

"TickleMeThink" tackles this issue head on. It is a business app (for iPhones/iPads/iPodTouch) addressing the needs of the ambitious professional (in any field) wanting to make a mark. He believes he can make a difference by the quality of his ideas. Therefore he is constantly, actively looking for ideas big and small to seize opportunities and solve problems. He shuns the boring and the predictable. TickleMeThink is designed to help such people.

What does TickleMeThink really do?

The app shows you how to define your problem sharply and create ideas for it. It then 'tickles' your thinking in a variety of ways and steers it in different directions - completely new angles you may not have explored before.

The app only provides you a variety of stimuli. Ultimately, it is you who creates the new ideas!

For what kind of problems can you
use TickleMeThink?

TickleMeThink is like a generic software - such as a word processor or a spread sheet. You can use it to create ideas for any problem.

Can you give some examples ?

Here are a few examples of problem statements. The app asks you to fill the blank after the words How do I ______.

How do I reduce 10 lbs in 1 year

How do I make my living-area look more spacious

How do I stop saying yes, when I really want to say no

How do I win back lost customers

How do I ensure that our donors donate regularly

How do I reduce cycle time in manufacturing

How do I improve speed to market

How do I ensure my patients follow instructions correctly

How do I convey my disagreement without upsetting others

How do I break the silos in my company

How do I encourage our managers to take risks

How do I reduce interest costs by 50% in 12 months

How does TickleMeThink help you 'create' new ideas?

First TickleMeThink helps you define your problem. (Incidentally you can post your problem on social networks, use crowd sourcing and get new ideas !)

Then it helps you to capture your current ideas. Thereafter it offers you 6 different kinds of 'tickles' to create new ideas.

The first two 'tickles' are what we may use often, whenever we are working on an important problem.

Search the web. Call a friend

The next 4 'tickles' push us to think of different ways to solve the problem.

They are:

Action Verbs

("An idea is a prescription for action. It changes people, places and situations. Every idea statement has an active verb in it." says Sridhar)

Quotes (inspiring)

Jolts (provocative)

Visuals (evocative)

There are 100 different tickles in each option, that appear in a random order. If you do not like any tickle you can skip it and choose another one. You have 99 other tickles to choose from! In all you have 400 tickles at your finger tips!

When you use these 'tickles' you are likely to get completely different ideas. Everything is designed to open your mind and allow some fresh thinking to breeze in.

You can either speak your idea, or key it in.

You can share your ideas with colleagues/friends through email

TickleMeThink offers 7 short & simple video tutorials to guide you step-by-step through the process.

Are there similar apps in the store? How is TickleMeThink different?

Yes, there a few similar apps in the store. They do a good job of helping you capture your ideas when you get them. However, they don't help you create new ideas. Apps that help you produce ideas are not easy or simple to use.

TickleMeThink is completely user focused. It makes the most of the iOS features and creates a user experience that is enjoyable.

What is unique about TickleMeThink?

There are short video tutorials embedded in the app, so you can see how to use each tickle.

In the example shown in the app (How to retain talented people) there are 40 different ideas - many of which may not have occurred to us in the normal course.

TickleMeThink is like a simple, friendly coach, available for you 24x7. It will be with you all the time and help bust your mental blocks in a nice non-threatening way. The more you use it, the better you will get in extracting value from it. And more interesting and different your ideas will become. Thus improving the probability of your making a mark in your chosen field.

Is it a free app or a priced app?

TickleMeThink is a priced app available at the store for

US $ 4.99/Rs 270

What are the key benefits of the app?

There are several benefits but the top three benefits are:

1. It helps you create a range of different ideas for one problem. We can rarely do this on our own.

2. It helps you bust frustrating mental blocks.

3. 5% of the sales proceeds goes to building creative thinking and problem solving skills amongst children.

About the creator/developer

R. Sridhar is a 64 year old man with a mission. His mission is "to help people who want to think differently, and do things better."

He worked with Ogilvy India for 25 years (where he was a Director), and ventured out on his own as an Innovation Coach, 13 years ago.

Part of his work is to conduct workshops for Senior Managers and help them get out of 'auto-pilot' thinking.

TickleMeThink is the culmination of the last 20 years of his work in helping people to think differently. The app is based on his insights on what works and does not work, when it comes to guiding people to think differently. "You just cannot command people to think differently." says Sridhar

His finding: "An adult is just a grown up kid". Very few managers are self-driven. Most need the right climate, simple tools and techniques to get out of their habitual, auto-pilot thinking mode.

A mobile has become an integral part of every person's life. Hence Sridhar thought of creating a mobile app to 'tickle' people gently and steer them in different directions.

"It is my fervent wish that TickleMeThink becomes their constant thinking companion and coach." says Sridhar

Most people would consider TickleMeThink successful if a large number of people buy it and it is is in the "Featured List" in the app store.

However Sridhar would think TickleMeThink is successful if "It genuinely helped a few thousand entrepreneurs/managers/professionals to break out of the mould, think differently, do things better and make a difference to people around them."

R. Sridhar

Mobile: +9198201 83752
Phone: +91 22 25209313

LinkedIn Profile: in.linkedin.com/in/rsridharideasrs/ 

Website: www.ticklemethink.com (
1. Features a 11 minute demo video and all video tutorials from the app) 2. Press Kit with icons, screenshots from the app

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