Tipping point

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 08, 2013 05:04 hrs
​Dont bank here if you smoke

Are smokers always charged extra for life insurance?
No, there are chances life insurers may not charge an extra premium to smokers. That depends on how frequently one smokes. For instance, if you smoke less than three cigarettes a week, you may not be charged extra premium. Most life insurers have separate premium rates for smokers, which are 20-30 per cent more than the non-smokers.

What happens if one does not smoke for a few days before the medical test?
You will be made to undergo a test to identify the amount of nicotine intake over the past four-five days. You may stop smoking for a week and may pass the medical test as a non-smoker, get a good premium. However, if you die and smoking is anywhere linked to it, the insurer will not pay the claim against your policy. Hence, extra premium shouldn't be a reason to not disclose your smoking habit.

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