Today`s picks

Today's picks

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 30, 2012 18:00 hrs

Current: 5,665 (futures: 5,706)
Target: NA
A swing today could take the index till 5,575 or 5,750 and the market seems mildly bearish. Stop-loss long positions at 5,645 (futures) and stop-loss shorts at 5,735 (futures). A bearspread of long 5,600p (52) and long 5,500c (29) costs 23 and looks more attractive than a bullspread.

Current: 11,472 (futures: 11,572)

Target: NA
The financial index could swing 150-200 points in either direction depending on the credit policy. The futures premium implies some optimistic consensus. Set a stop-loss at 11,650 (futures price) and short. Add to the position between 11,475 and 11,525 (futures). Book profits below 11,400. If 11,650 is broken, a rise till 11,750 is possible.

Current price: Rs 257;
Target: Rs 249
If support at current levels breaks, the stock could fall till Rs 247-249. Keep a stop at Rs 260 and short. Add to the position between Rs 253 and Rs 255. Book profits below Rs 249. If Rs 260 is broken, the rebound can go till Rs 265.

Current price: Rs 227;
Target: Rs 220
If the trend of selling on high volumes continues, the stock could fall till Rs 217-220. Keep a stop at Rs 231 and short. Add to the position between Rs 223 and Rs 225. Book profits below Rs 220.

The target price and projected movements given above are in terms of the next one trading session, unless otherwise stated

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