Try mix-match of jewellery for new look

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 26, 2017 11:03 hrs
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New Delhi: Mixing and matching jewellery pieces can give you a different look. Try layering bracelets or wearing yellow gold and white gold rings together, suggest experts.

Shehzad Zaveri, Creative Director at jewellery brand Minawala and Sonal Sahrawat, Creative Director at Sonal's Bijoux and Adawna, have listed a few combinations:

* Layer chunky with sleek: Try to mix jewellery by varying thickness and size. Bracelets can be layered by wearing thin bracelets with thicker pieces. On the other hand, necklaces can be layered by wearing long ones with short neckpieces.

* Mix and match the gold tone: Wear yellow gold and white gold rings together. You can also choose a statement necklace in rose gold, while keeping your white gold earrings simple and match your bracelet with the necklace. Put some thought while mixing gold tones so the entire look is visually appealing.

* Add colours: Break the monotony by wearing jewels that have colourful hues. Never be afraid to blend in coloured stones in the sea of diamond and gold necklaces. It will enhance and make your jewellery look interesting and fashionable.

* Pair chunky with dainty: To add some variety to your look, combine chunky jewellery with dainty, thin ones. Pair a thin gold chain with a small pearl pendant with a strand of large chunky pearls or create a bold look by layering several heavy, chunky statement necklaces.

* Centrepiece: One important lesson about mix and match jewellery is to find a centrepiece and accessorise from it. A centrepiece is usually the one piece of jewellery that stands out the most. It can be a chunky necklace or a large ring.

* Mix metals: A trendy and modern way of wearing jewellery can be mix and match of metals. Be it silver, rose-gold, copper or white gold jewellery. Start wearing gold rings and silver rings together, and go for a more advanced way of wearing them on bracelets and necklaces. Update metals by incorporating beads and pearls into layers.

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