What a loss! Sridevi's 'super cool' last ad

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 28, 2018 11:25 hrs
Sridevi in Advertisement (Image Courtesy: YouTube)

The iconic actress Sridevi, who tragically drowned to her death in Dubai on February 24, was the essence of coolth on screen.

Her last ad for Ching's Secrets, which was shared among others by film historian Bhawana Somaaya on instagram, plays on this 'super cool' aspect of the Chandini actress.

The two-minute-30-second long ad has many Sridevi moments and is quite an attention grabber, though it has the director needlessly attempting to project Sridevi pulling off cartwheels - via a stunt double. Why oh why when with a nudge here and a whip of an eyelash there, she could exude all the coolness that this world can take!

In a rather neat touch, the ad that was supposed to have been re-released on February 26 according to Ms Somaaya, has Sridevi rapping too.

It begins with Sridevi's screen kids drippy ode to their mother:

Tu bahut Achchi hai
Tu bahut Sachchi hai
Bholi bhali hai
O maa, o maaaa, o maa

(You are very good
You are very true
You are simple and sweet
O mother)

At this point, Sridevi bursts on to the scene and 'raps' them to end this needless sentimental drama.

These are the lines with which she takes over:

Chal khulke jeete hain ghar ho ya school
emotional drama mujhe nahin kabool
Because your maama is your buddy and she is super cool

(Come let us live life openly be it home or school
I can't accept emotional drama
Because your mother is your buddy and she is super cool)

In the few moments she has on screen, Sridevi goes on to electrify us. Indeed, what a loss!

You can watch the full ad on this instagram link.

Or here on YouTube:

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