What is the importance of the debt market to the economy

Last Updated: Tue, Apr 28, 2009 07:09 hrs

The key role of the debt markets in the Indian economy stems from the following reasons:

  • Efficient mobilisation and allocation of resources in the economy

  • Financing the development activities of the Government

  • Transmitting signals for implementation of the monetary policy

  • Facilitating liquidity management in tune with overall short term and long term objectives.

    Since the Government securities are issued to meet the short term and long term financial needs of the government, they are not only used as instruments for raising debt, but have emerged as key instruments for internal debt management, monetary management and short term liquidity management.

    The returns earned on the government securities are normally taken as the benchmark rates of returns and are referred to as the risk free return in financial theory. The Risk Free rate obtained from the G-sec rates are often used to price the other non-govt. securities in the financial markets.

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