Who flew over the Queen Elizabeth's head ? Was it President Donald Trump or a helicopter?

Last Updated: Tue, Apr 10, 2018 16:34 hrs
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth, Britain's longest reigning monarch made a light-hearted remark aimed at US President Donald Trump. Although it was never meant to be publicized, a video of the Queen's comic timing was captured during the video recording of a documentary.

David Attenborough the famous British broadcaster was chatting with the Queen during the making of the documentary while a helicopter flew overhead.

The Queen joked "Sounds like President Trump", making an indirect and inoffensive comparison at noise of the helicopter with the man who’s at the center of the recent trade wars with China.

Attenborough was walking with the Queen in the Buckingham Palace for the documentary- The ‘Queen’s Green Planet’. The Queen was being interviewed to talk about her program- Queen’s Commonwealth canopy, an effort aimed at creating a network of forests around the world.

When the helicopter went overhead, the Queen was recorded asking “Why do they go round and round when you want to talk?" Then making the remark- "Sounds like Trump"

Apparently the Heathrow airport located 30 kilometers away operates multiple flights that fly over the Windsor and Buckingham Castles.

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