WPI increases in Feb; Crude and Fruits costlier but food products decline

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 14, 2019 14:46 hrs

According to numbers shared by the office of the Economic Adviser to the country, the Whole Price Inflation of the country for the month of February has increased from previous month.

The annual rate of inflation in February 2019 was recorded at 2.93%. This is 0.33% higher from January 2019 numbers- 2.6%. In the month of January, India recorded a 10 month low in WPI numbers. The margin of growth was same with the one recorded last year too.

Statisticians at the economic advisor's team calculate wholesale prices of primary articles such as food articles, Fuel, Minerals, Manufactured products to arrive at the final WPI score. Although the numbers show a trend of rising inflation, there have been many products within the index that showed a trend of declining prices.

The major component contributing to the increase were the items under Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas. The index for Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas group clubbed under Primary articles rose by 1.8% to 84.8 (provisional) from 83.3 (provisional in previous month).

The index for manufactured products which carries a weightage of 64.23% showed an increase by 0.2% to 118.1.

The index for the major group of Primary articles showed a decline of 0.2% to 134.2 (provisional) from 134.5 (provisional) for the previous month. The index on the major group of primary articles have commodities such as Food Articles, Minerals, Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas and Non-food articles such as tanning materials, sunflower, floriculture and soybean, mesta and fodder, gingelly seed, cotton seed safflower raw jute, groundnut seed, raw silk etc.

Products, who's wholesale prices have reduced are Wheat, Pulses, Vegetables, Potato, Onion, Eggs Meat and Fish, Crude Petroleum under Primary articles and Fuel Power. Within Manufactured products, Sugar and non-metallic mineral products have registered a decline.

Under primary articles, wholesale price of Fruits, Oil Seeds, Minerals registered an over 1% growth from previous month.

Mild steel, Basic Metals, Cement Lime and Plaster, HSD, Petrol have increased by over 1% from the previous month.

Actual numbers and trends are available on this site: