Can GlobalLinker be the next unicorn?

Jugaad is in India's DNA. But GlobalLinker's all-in-one module is designed to help SMEs precisely avoid this. Can this help the startup become India's next unicorn. Sairaj Iyer finds out

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All set for a cyborgian future?

Thousands of people in Sweden have inserted microchips, which can function as contactless credit cards, key cards and even rail cards, into their bodies. Mao Petersen on why this is happening

The age of big data

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Microsoft's war-room taking on cybercrime

20 markets in Dark Web are selling over 12 million corporate credentials! Shilpa Bratt, Director (Shared Services) of Digital Crimes Unit, a team of 3500 professionals on what Microsoft is doing to fight cybercrime estimated to cost trillion in four years!

Five cyber-security trends to watch out for

A steep rise in cyber-attacks in 2017 was proof of impending dangers and clearly indicates how the future is going to look like. Sivarama Krishnan, Cyber Security Leader, PwC India, on five trends to watch out for