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Period 1026 to 1300 More
Period 1026 to 1300
Prithviraj Chauhan routs Ghori
Ghori defeats Prithviraj Chauhan
Qutbuddin establishes the Slave Dynasty
Period 1301 to 1400 More
Accession of Muhammad-bin-Tughluk
Timur invades India
Foundation of Vijayanagar (Deccan)
Period 1401 to 1500 More
Rise of the Bahmani dynasty (Deccan)
The Lodi dynasty established in Delhi
Adil Shah dynasty at Bijapur
Period 1501 to 1600 More
Portuguese capture Goa
Humayun succeeds Babur
Battle of Talikota
Period 1600 to 1700 More
Period 1600 to 1700
Capture of Kangra Fort
Malik Ambar revolts in the Deccan
Death of Rajaram
Period 1700 to 1756 More
Battle of Jajau
Accession of Baji Rao Peshwa at Poona
First Anglo French war

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