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Ornithologist Ajoy Home birth centenary celebrated
Source: IBNS
Last Updated: Fri, May 03, 2013 18:22 hrs
Various eminent personalities assembled on Thursday to celebrate the birth centenary of noted ornithologist Ajay Home organized jointly by Bongiyo Bijnan Parishad and Ajoy Home Centenary Committee at Satyendra Nath Bose Sabagriha here.

Ajay Home had traveled extensively into every nook and corner of Bengal and adjacent regions and scientifically studied habits and behaviours of birds before writing his unique books ´Banglar Pakhi´ (Birds of Bengal) and ´Chena Achena Pakhi´ ( Known and Unknown birds) which helped to know about birds in and around West Bengal.

Born in 1913, he was the author of seminal texts on birds of West Bengal and adjacent regions.

These were the results of his 40 years of experience in scientifically studying birds over the course of his extensive travels.

The most widely accepted books were ´Banglar Pakhi" and ´Chena Achena Pakhi´, the latter being awarded a posthumous Rabindra Puroshkar by the West Bengal government in 1996.

The cover page of ´Banglas Pakhi´ was designed by film maestro Satyajit Ray. Ajoy Home passed away in June 1992.

Emeritus Professor and trustee of Bose Institute Dr. Parul Chakraborty and art historian Pranab Ranjan Roy spoke of their long personal associations with Ajoy Home, his welcoming nature, depth of knowledge about birds and attempts at pioneering various organisations for awareness about nature and conservation in West Bengal.

Roy mentioned that the works of Ajoy Home was equally well-known to bird lovers in Bangladesh.

Bird watcher Subrata Chakraborty recalled Ajoy Home's weekly column in the Bengali daily Ajkal on nature and conservation called ´Prakriti Premir Chokhe´.

Apart from birds, Ajoy Home was a keen watcher of sports and used to write a column on sports in Sandesh.
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