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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 28 February 2003

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Manoj, Shankar, Rati

By Moviebuzz

Pallavan is yet another attempt to resurrect the non-existent career of Manoj, son of the talented director Bharathiraaja. He lacks filmi looks, screen presence and most important, acting capabilities. He should have realized it earlier as none of his films were accepted by the audience. In Pallavan, his character as the love-struck student-rowdy with a heart of gold is pathetic.

It is a brainless lewd campus love story where students do everything else but studies. Girls parade in micro minis and the boys are only interested in lusting after them and eve-teasing! Some of the boorish eve-teasing is done in the state run MTC buses that one wonders where the Chennai?s cops are, who promised us that eve-teasing would be stopped. The most irksome part of the film is its lack of continuity.

Pallavan (Manoj), a happy go lucky college student cum ruffian falls in love with a girl (Rati) during one of his bus journeys to college. But she is in love with Pallavan?s younger brother, who does not have the guts to express his love. Poor Pallavan does not realize that his dream lover is his brother?s secret object of love! To add a bizarre twist Rati is a minister?s daughter and she has a twin sister. HELP!

No one expects too much reality in films these days but here the plot is unrelentingly silly that you heave a sigh of relief when the film is over. You strive hard to find one redeeming factor in this film, which is technically slipshod with bad direction and jarring music. It is high time that Manoj finds an alternative profession, as he is intolerable as Pallavan. Rati who had mesmerised us with a wonderful debut in Solla Marantha Kathai has been reduced to a mere bimbette.

Verdict: HELP!

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