1 Week since Bigg Boss: The finale in retrospect

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 07, 2017 13:50 hrs
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It’s been a week since Bigg Boss Tamil announced the winner of Season 1. And we still can’t wrap our heads around it. No more aandavar. No more eliminations. No more drama. And what a weekend for theatres to close. This is harsh! To cope, here’s a recap of what went down last Saturday.

Most AWKWARD Moment
What kept us on our toes and eagerly anticipating the finale was the possible reappearance of Oviya. And she didn’t disappoint! She was there, her usual ebullient self.

But we’ve got to admit, what we were looking forward to most was her meeting Aarav again. Especially after how things ended with them.

While Oviya handled it like a pro, Aarav’s response was nothing short of awkward. Thankfully, that laboured interaction didn’t last long.

Things that made us go ‘ahem!’
So Julie and Oviya are proper friends now. Or so Julie would have us believe. But we still have our doubts. And here’s why - remember when Julie returned to the Bigg Boss house for a second stint? She claimed then that once she got evicted, she got in touch with Oviya and that they talk frequently.

Now, when Oviya returned for the finale, she told Vaiyapuri that she changed her number and hasn’t contacted anyone as she wanted some time just for herself.

So what was Julie talking about? Was she just saying the right thing at the right time?

But we ought to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, we’ll still take ‘cordial’ over ‘friends’ until there’s more proof.

Gossiping vs. Sharing 101
It was interesting to see Gayathri and Snehan come face-to-face. It was probably the second most awkward moment of the day. Things were strained and there was no hiding it.

The tussle between the two arose out of the accusation of gossiping. While they pointed out each other as gossips, both defended themselves by insisting that what they told their friends came for the need to share and not tittle-tattle. Same thing, if you ask us.

Now, on the final day, Snehan and Gayathri attempted to iron the creases. The former tendered an apology, and the latter gave her usual defense of taking ‘liberty’ with friends.

Bigg Boss Tamil: Ex-roomies & their life outside

The Big Question
Where were Namitha and Shree? With all the excitement, we nearly forgot that they too, were contestants.

Shree opted out very early in the show and so we never got a chance to connect with him. But Namitha, whom we thought could win this battle, was shown the door relatively early.

Namitha’s presence would have amped up the finale. She left the show on a sour note. It would’ve made good television to see if any of the equations between her and other contestants had changed.

A Bigg Boss love story?
Ever since the inception of Bigg Boss in India, the Hindi version has had several contestants fall in love and take it outside the confines of the house. And it looks like Bigg Boss Tamil might have such a story in the making.

We’re just speculating off the chemistry between Raiza and Harish as they greeted each other and especially Raiza’s coy request for a selfie with him. What’s brewing here?

Least Memorable Contestant
This has to be Kajal. She looked great at the finale but we barely even registered her presence. When she entered the show, she was a strange mix of brusque & likeable. But with the votes stacked against her, she never had the chance to grow on us.

Pleasant surprise, courtesy ‘Tamizharasi’
Anuya, the first contestant to be eliminated, received a warm welcome on the day of the finale. Even though her stint was short-lived, she made enough of a connect with the people to gain a nickname. And she lived up to this nickname by showing us how far she’s come by speaking entire sentences in Tamil. Something she could barely do when we first saw her. Hat’s off!

People’s Choice
Ganesh Venkatraman led the predictions as the likely winner of Season 1. So it was a bit disappointing to see him exit the house as the third runner-up. But the good sport that he is, he took it on the chin. And with that, he won even more hearts. He was hands down the most even-keeled person on the show.

People’s Hero
Bharani received thunderous applause as he made his way on to the stage one final time. While the contestants have never taken a shine to him, his underdog image has made him a sort of hero. And he seems to have perceived that as he took the mic and made his thanks in a number of languages.

Best Speech of the evening
This belongs to Harish Kalyan. He may not have been a great sport inside the house. He was even a bit whiny. But we’ll give him this - he has a fair and good heart.

As the second runner-up he made an endearing statement that he’s relieved and happy that he isn’t the winner. It’s one that sealed his status as a heartthrob.

Best Performance of the evening
There were a number of dance routines that included Harathi and Suja. While the two are knock-out dancers, we have to hand the title to Oviya. She received a standing ovation as she performed her memorable rendition of Kokku Netta Kokku.

As the crowd went wild, there was some glaring silence from that part of the stage where the rest of the contestants were seated. Few clapped while the rest smiled uneasily. There’s a lot of green in there.

The Big Shock
Aarav won. We thought Snehan had it in the bag. While the latter’s weakness may have been his penchant for breaking into tears, the former had some pretty scandalous controversies and he beat that.

What we miss most!
Kamal Haasan. There’s no denying that we tuned in and gave this show a chance because of him.

We remember him taking the stage on the first day. His routine was contrived. But the Ulaganayagan in him kicked-in and he took over the script. From then on his episodes kept getting better and better, and there was no stopping the Bigg Boss Tamil juggernaut.

We miss his logic, reasoning and empathy that kept us from turning into a rabid mob as we took every slight that happened in the house as a personal one. He kept us and the contestants, decent.

But what we’ll miss most is Kamal’s rhetoric, his jibes at the ailing political scenario in Tamil Nadu. We felt comforted that here’s another kindred soul speaking out, and sharing the same concerns.

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