10 dirtiest things in restaurant revealed

Last Updated: Sat, Nov 17, 2012 10:10 hrs

A reporter, who went undercover at 10 restaurants in three states, has revealed the 10 dirtiest things in a restaurant.

Salad bar tongs, Ketchup bottles and Bathroom faucets ranked top on the list.

Reporter Elisabeth Leamy took swab samples from 10 surfaces that people regularly come in contact with. Then Dr. Philip Tierno and his team at the New York University Microbiology Department lab tested the samples, ABC News reported.

Leamy said that bathroom doorknobs were some of the least germy items, as they usually got cleaned.

She said that rims of glasses were found to be very dirty, as many waiters gripped the glasses right at the top, where people drink. Tests on the samples collected from restaurants detected multiple bacteria, including one linked with tuberculosis.

Tables were one of the most germ filled places as many parents changed their baby's diapers at the table and toilet-trained their toddlers at the restaurants.

Lemon Wedges were one of the surprises as they are also one of the most contaminated, the contamination in their case being faecal matter.

Many restaurant workers just grabbed lemons with their bare hands, reaching in again and again without gloves or tongs. If they had not washed their hands well after using the bathroom, germs spread.

70 percent of the chairs tested had bad bacteria on them -- 17 different kinds, including strains of E. coli, as most restaurants don't think to sanitize them.

The 10 dirtiest places are:

1. Salad bar tongs

2. Ketchup bottles

3. Bathroom faucets

4. Bathroom door knobs

5. Rims of glasses

6. Tables

7. Salt and pepper shakers

8. Lemon wedges

9. Menus

10. Restaurant seats (ANI)

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