10 things we learnt about Bebo & Ranbir on KWK

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 13, 2013 12:41 hrs

Karan Johar certainly has an eye for pairing the right stars be it in his films or on the couch of his talk show, Koffee With Karan. We give him ten on ten for bringing cousins Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor together on the latest episode. It was an absolute riot complete with childhood secrets and private jokes. Here are the top ten things we learnt about these first-cousins turned stars.

#1 Bebo likes playing the bully
Poor Karan Johar expected to do the questioning. But it was Kareena butting in and prodding him about his love life and more. But turn the bully's gaze on her and she's all flustered, defensive and of course, dramatic. 

#2 Bebo's not here to make friends
While KJo queried her on how she rates her contemporaries and if she's friends with any, pat came the reply - "I'm not here to make friends."

Ranbir added his bit by stating Bebo could only be friends with the younger lot or the veterans. Despite all these accusations made in jest, Bebo made it clear that while she may not be pals she certainly likes a couple of ladies in the industry. 'Just add a T' to her name and you'll know who she's talking about.

#3 Bebo's current obsession is to dance to 'Sheila Ki Jawani' and 'Chikni Chameli'
She made that clear at least twice on the show. That she'd love to do a solo performance to these two songs and a couple of other Katrina hit tracks at Ranbir's wedding 'if' and 'when' that happens. We think the Kapoor khandaan heard that loud & clear.

#4 Bebo doesn't know what self-policing means
However, she does know what 'policing' means for she made it evident that husband Saif Ali Khan is well aware that she wouldn't like him locking lips with any other leading lady on screen.

#5 Bebo can't hold a tune
Kareena belongs to the group that believes singing louder means singing better. Melody is inconsequential.

#6 Even celebrity siblings can't escape embarrassing childhood games
Apart from playing with crabs that emerged from a li'l stream by their grandmother's home, Ranbir revealed why he's been scarred by life by a favourite childhood game - 'House House'. He apparently, agreed to be Bebo's husband during the duration of this fantasy timepass. Ulp!

#7 Ranbir is Mr. Diplomatic to Bebo's Miss. In-yer-face
Try as she might, Bebo couldn't get Ranbir to spill the beans on his love life. Sure, we gleaned a couple of things here and there. But the boy is a thorough gentleman who doesn't kiss and tell. To top that, he gives the safest answers possible.

#8 Ranbir put Ibiza on the map for the common man
He's taken the intrusion by the paparazzi into his Ibiza vacation with Katrina Kaif, with grace, dignity and humour. Now, can we let him holiday in peace?

#9 Ranbir knows the Kapoor clan better
Bebo was beaten hollow in the buzzer round based on the extended Kapoor family. Tut! Tut!

#10 Ranbir's a better sport than Bebo
Maybe it's his cool & calm demeanour but we found Bebo growing increasing louder and matching the pink of her outfit as she was left outclassed by her cousin in the Rapid Fire round. Better luck next time, Bebo!

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