10 things we learnt about Salman on Koffee with Karan

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 02, 2013 13:41 hrs

Karan Johar was 'puttin' on the ritz' for us fans, something we should have gathered from his cabaret-inspired title track. But the first guest of Season 4, Salman Khan, wasn't buying any of it. The cool & contemporary sets have now been replaced with a blinged-out dupleix complete with chandeliers, mirrors, an ornate windy staircase and a red piano. And why dupleix? Well, KJo wants a more intimate feel, like that of sitting in his drawing room. Sallu in his trademark style, caught onto the vibe and announced his arrival with a loud, "Karan, your flush is not working!" And we're home!

At the very start of this episode, KJo promised to unravel what lay under the sheets and more. And he kept his word. So here's what we learnt about Sallu among a couple of other things.

#1 Salman Khan is a virgin
These days he prefers to deny the presence of any 'girlfriend' altogether. What's more, he said he's 'saving' himself for the suhaag raat. Is this part of the 'I don't kiss & tell' routine? May be. But boy, is the man traditional! No onscreen smooches. And no hanky-panky off it or, so he would like us to believe.

#2 The man is a pukka gentleman
On two occasions during the course of his conversation with KJo, we caught a glimpse of the thorough gentleman Salman strives to be.

The first, was when he revealed that he stays clear of his ex-girlfriends cause he doesn't want their current significant other to hark back to the past. Clearly, he's not a fan of relationship drama. Does it stem from a personal experience, we wonder.

Second, when he admitted that all's not well between him and SRK but that doesn't mean one can curry favour by blackballing his once-upon-a-time pal.

#3 Sallu uses his space well
Give Sallu a stage and he'll perform. Even without meaning to. He stood. He strutted. He hugged. He enacted. And he sprawled on KJo's couch.

#4 He's put marriage on hold because he loves to sleep alone
As an aside we also found out that KJo sleeps alone. With a pillow. Enough said.

#5 Sallu has a Dr.Jekyll-Mr. Hyde complex
No, it's not what you think it is no matter what his violent past says. It's an all-new game between his sober, non-smoking, over-thinking self and the fun, no-holds bar guy that he was. We wonder if those recent stories of him asking a fisherman on the horizon to go find a different parking spot for his boats as it supposedly made for an unsightly view from his apartment, was a result of this new avatar.

#6 He's a below-average actor
Not what we said. But he did. Full points for modesty. Or, is it honesty, Sallu-haters?

#7 Prem, the secret to his good looks
Sallu strongly believes that he's no match for the current crop of stars and wouldn't have been able to make it in Bollywood if he was to enter now. To which, KJo says he's still good looking and that counts for something. Pat comes the reply, that it's the Prems and Surajs that made him what he is today. So all the gymming and sobriety is for naught?

#8 He can do a good imitation of Sanjay Dutt

#9 He can do an even better imitation of Shah Rukh Khan

#10 In a gay relationship Sallu would be the 'guy'

Towards the fag end, Sallu's dad Salim Khan joined us on the show. He went on to talk about the trying times in Sallu's life and the things that make them tick as a family.

At the end of these revelations, we can only come to one conclusion - Salman Khan is many things. But what he is most of all is lovable.

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