12-year-old US boy hangs dog to 'see it die'

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 30, 2012 07:50 hrs

A 12-year-old California boy allegedly hanged his pet dog on a door handle to "see it die."

The unidentified juvenile said that he was mad at the dog, so he killed it.

"I wanted to see it die," the New York Daily News quoted the boy as telling investigators.

Police found the canine corpse after he boy's 19-year-old sister called 911.

"He's hurting the dog," she said, before the dispatcher heard a struggle and the line hung up.

"She was trying to intervene, and he battered her," Officer Miguel Cabrera said.

"So she left the apartment with a second dog, trying to protect it," Cabrera said.

Investigators visited the address for a welfare check a short time later and could hear a loud TV blaring inside, though nobody answered.

A building manager helped them gain entry with a pass key, and officers found the motionless 12-pound terrier mix hanging by its collar from a bedroom door handle, police said.

The 12-year-old boy came out of the same bedroom and "spontaneously" admitted his role in the heinous act, Cabrera said.

The sister returned a short time later.

Cabrera said that it's not clear what sparked the boy's rage.

The boy, who had no prior criminal record, was booked in Monterey County Juvenile Hall for battery on his sister and felony cruelty to an animal. (ANI)

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