2.0 Trailer: Chitti gets a reboot!

Last Updated: Thu, Sep 13, 2018 14:48 hrs
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Woke up this morning to watch Shankar’s highly anticipated 2.0 Trailer. I had to pinch myself. Was I really awake or, was it some bizarre dream? The landscape is dystopian steely-grey. The tenor is certified sci-fi with cell phones zipping out of the hands of the world’s denizens and into the power of an utterly terrifying bird-headed villain. But the feel and the appeal is all-out Superstar!

Rajinikanth is back as the young Dr Vaseegaran and Robot Chitti. Akshay Kumar is the feathered villain whose world domination plan involves our weakness - the mobile phone.

With just a tiny glimpse, we’ve been assured a spectacular and gripping clash of the Supers. The visual effects range from eerie (that murmuration of winged cell phones gave us the heebie-jeebies) to the fantastic (we can’t un-see the metallic giant Vulture clambering up a building).

Also, there’s more than just one robot. Apart from Chitti, we spotted ‘evil’ Chitti and even an Amy Adams bot face! And then there’s the Supervillain’s army of sprinting bots.

AR Rahman’s background score adds to our sense of of urgency. But it’s a long wait to November 29.

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