2012: We've seen the end of the world, and it's awesome!

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 15, 2009 10:15 hrs

He's had aliens frying our cities, Godzilla chomping Manhattan, tornadoes blowing all over and, now, director Roland Emmerich is bringing in the apocalypse - and it looks splendid!

First look: Watch the world collapse in 2012

A 10-minute press screening of 2012 at Sathyam cinemas, Chennai, left most journalists deaf and some worried - will the world really end? Are the rants right? Prophecies of doom aside, we can safely predict that this film will be without doubt, this summer's biggest thrasher yet! Following a spate of comedies and animated movies, there's finally something for the 'believers' to munch on.

Set in our times, 2012 tells the story of how the Mayan civilization accurately predicted the 'end of the world', narrowing it down to the year 2012. This smart bunch of Sun worshippers also described how the planets will align themselves triggering a series of events which happens 'once every 650,000 years' - Roland Emmerich takes care of the rest!

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Almost as if the Almighty trusted Emmerich with the job of 'packing up', the director brings in 100-feet tall tsunamis, earthquakes that send entire skyscrapers into chasms and volcanoes that make nukes look stupid. There's destruction everywhich way and all of what we treasure and love will blow up, guaranteed!

So is 2012 worth the wait? Hell yes! And unless you want to spare the kids a little worry, this ride does seem a treat for the family too.

Final word? Roland Emmerich's latest is definitely taking the notch up with special effects, is superbly destructive, is a welcome break from talking robots and, if you want front seats for an 'extinction level event', this is it!

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