3D disaster in Tollywood

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 24, 2013 06:14 hrs

3D films are getting trashed in Tollywood. 

Couple of days ago we saw Om 3D made on a high budget. And a month ago we saw Allari Naresh starrer Action 3D, which vanished in thin air. Why are 3D films in Tollywood failing?

Action 3D was made on a budget of Rs 15 + Crores and the film bombed miserably. Actor Allari Naresh had high hopes on this film. The film was a full length 3D film in Telugu made with the help of Hollywood technicians. The promotional activity was also aggressive. Despite all this it failed to impress. The film did not even get decent openings too.

Om 3D made it a month later to the theatres. Made on a massive budget of Rs 20 Crore, it was a big dream for actor Kalyan Ram. But sadly this dream seems to be failing miserably. The film did open up well on the first day, but subsequent collects were not good, neither were the reviews.
Analysts say that both the film met the same fate because they lacked good content. When Action 3D was a rehash of Hollywood film Hangover, Om 3D was a revenge drama inspired by Hollywood flick Wanted. We wonder if these films actually needed 3D? 

Audience are smart, they have clearly shown the door to both these films. New technology hasn`t been successful to engross them.

Despite these two failures we have Rudramma Devi being directed by Gunashekar starring Anushka in the lead coming in 3D as well. Hopefully at least this film should be able to capture the audiences with its content and 3D technology. 

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