5 big trends of 2012, in Malayalam

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 01, 2013 06:17 hrs

As the year 2012 becomes history, here are some trends that were noted in Malayalam, which we think are really special.

Goodbye superstars: If superstars ensured packed halls earlier, at least during the early days of release, it is a thing of the past now. Hard-hitting stories and good presentation is what holds the key now. Small films with comparatively smaller budgets and fresh faces have worked wonders.

The underdog as the hero: There were times when heroes were invincible, strikingly good looking and had a heart of gold. Now anyone can be a hero, regardless of your looks and most importantly, he doesn't need to be virtuous to the core.

Publicity goes viral: The emergence of "viral marketing," as an approach to ensure re-call value and opening for a film. Trailers and updates on social networking sites, are a must if you want packed halls during the initial days.

Being bold is stylish: Now how do you define boldness in movies? Showing skin is old fashioned; now it is trendy to show sequences that anyone else would have dared to, using lots of corny dialogues and the maximum use of four letter words. New directors with fresh concepts led to new-age cinema and Mollywood has also become bold, brazen and brash in its approach.

Demanding heroines: If heroines were shy earlier, the current crop of leading ladies never shies away from demanding what they want. The dump their men if they find it difficult to get along, and will share a smoke or a drink, without batting an eyelid. Who says this is a man's world?


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