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72 Model

72 Model
Govind Padmasoorya, Sreejith Vijay, Soniya Das, Nazreen
M Jayachandran
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There is this song in Rajasenan's latest bore, 72 Model, where the lyrics goes like this, 'Kaalam maari, style um maari, feel um maari…'. This can be translated as 'the times, styles and the feel has changed'. Mr. Rajasenan, this was one message you should have learnt yourself first!

There was a time when absurd stories and silly jokes could be smartly conveyed with some regular masala to fool the viewers in the guise of making entertainers. The world has moved on and things have changed, but sadly the Rajasenans are still where they used to be some 15 years back.

Now it's a pain to recollect what was being told in this absurd saga. Sajan (Govind Padmasoorya) is a chauffer and while he was driving his dad's old, '72 Model' Ambassador, he meets an old friend, Parvathy (Soniya Das).

The car breaks down after a while and Sajan leaves it at some old garage, where three gangsters come and hide their box full of currency. Using that fortune, Sajan, Parvathy and his friend Vivek (Sreejith Vijay) start an office. Janaki (Nazreen) joins the office and falls pretty easily for Sajan. There is another character, played by Madhu called Kuttanpillai sir, who appears often.

Now the only surprise in this film is that contrary to our perception, Kuttanpillai sir is not a ghost!

One thing is evident. Everyone involved in this film was competing with each other to come up with their worst performance. As writer and director, Rajasenan lives in some other planet thinking that his 90’s style comedy has takers even now. Nambiathiri's visuals and M Jayachandran's music perhaps suits the mood.

It's tough to decide who has come up with the worst performance here and in the final round there could be a tie between the deadpan Govind Padmasoorya and the over acting Soniya Das. The rest of the cast tried to tickle the funny bone but there is not even a single comedy scene in this whole film that will make you laugh. It is quite a mystery why a legendary actor like Madhu agrees to be part of this buffoonery?

72 Model is meant to be funny but what you feel is anger towards everyone who made this nauseating flick. Why can't producers think before funding ridiculous projects like this one?

Verdict: Avoidable


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