8 rules to transform Valentine's Day into an enjoyable holiday for married women

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 07:30 hrs

On Valentine's Day, husbands arrive at home with chocolates, roses, lingerie and images of wild sex dancing in their heads.

As wives everywhere unwrap their gifts, they'll be thinking, "So what's in this for me?"

For many women, Valentine's Day does not bring out any romantic feelings instead, it ignites anger and frustration, as the day seems to benefit men while requiring women to smile as they accommodate the desires of another man one more time, the Huffington Post reported.

The 8 rules for men that could transform Valentine's Day into a holiday women can enjoy and maybe make them feel loved are:

Firstly, the gifts that men gives to their wives should be something that she really wants and not what a man wants to give her.

Secondly, rather than entering the home with expectations of romance and desire, husbands should ask their Valentine what they can do to lighten her load.

Thirdly, men can clean the house on the Valentine's Day and they should not do it half-heartedly.

Fourthly, husbands can do the laundry on Valentine's Day.

Fifthly, dinner should be cooked my men or they should make reservations, as this should be the night when their partner doesn't have to cook.

Sixthly, men should offer to take over all household duties for the evening so that their wife can take a long bath, read a book, watch her favourite TV show, etc.

Seventhly, when the couple get into bed, men should let their wife sleep if that is really what she wants.

Lastly, if sex is what their wife wants then husbands should try to put the focus on them and what they know is pleasurable to them. (ANI)

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