After M F Husain, will it be Haasan? Full text of Kamal`s speech

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 12:26 hrs

Excerpts from actor Kamal Haasan's moving speech to the media - first in Tamil and then in English - at his home in Chennai on Wednesday.

Thank you, everyone, for coming here. I know it's not a great convenient place for a press conference, but there is a reason why I have called you to this inconvenient place. I'll come to that later.

I really don't know what is happening. Various reasons have been told to me as to why these things are happening.

None of them makes sense to me.

The fact is that I'm yet to get interim relief as some of friends have reported it in the press.

The film show started and stopped again. Police have sent away people who went to watch the film, asking theatres to show a physical copy of the order from the court - which we are yet to receive.

We might or we might not get the order. I don't know about it. The honourable judge will tell us later whether we can get the interim order.

But I believe that along with my Muslim friends, I've been made an instrument in a political game. I don't know who's playing it. I'm not even hazarding a guess.

The fact remains that my history has proven that I have neither been leaning towards the left or right. A lot of you know that I don't have any political or religious affiliations. I don't follow a religion. I give importance to human beings.

That apart, the judge in the previous interim relief, asked if the country's unity was important or the loss incurred by an individual is important. My reply to the judge is that unity of the country is important to me and I'm willing to lose money for it.

It does not matter if I fall. But I will fall as a seed which grows into a lone tree and support many other free birds. Do not think that you are doing away with the individual.

My family does not care about money.

For the sake of the film, I've hocked this house to a money lender who had shown great patience. But for nearly two months now, he has lost his patience. As things got postponed, he wanted some kind of visible safety for him. I have bequeathed all the property I own in Chennai and surrounding areas to him.

Just in case he doesn't realise his money on a particular date, he will take over this place. This place is not going to be mine.

I have a lot of memories of this house. I thought I would have one more good memory by inviting you gentlemen here.

I have learnt how to dance here. I have held many press conferences here.

If the judgement is not in my favour I don't know if I will be able to hold another press meet here.

I have spent a lot of money on this film because I knew it would do well and because of my modest technical ability.

I really wonder how just one movie could rock this might nation's unity. I always thought our diversity and unity are what we are all about. That's besides the point.

Now I shall wait for the afternoon judgement. But after this, I think I have to seek a secular state for me to stay in.

I've lost all I've got and I've got nothing left to lose. I might as well choose a new place and that choice would be a secular state.

From Kashmir to Kerala, excluding Tamil Nadu, I will look for a place which would house an artiste like me.

I'll pay for it. I know my art is still within me and I can still earn.

If I can't find a place within India, I will find hopefully another country with a secular mind to take me in. M F Husain had to do it and now Haasan will do it.

And it's fine. Only my passports will change. Nothing will change the fact that I'm a Tamilian and an Indian.

I have the dubious distinction of being an illiterate in three languages that I speak - I'm quite fluent in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada, and even in Hindi. So I will seek a life in India or abroad.

I might not have a place to stay, but I have plenty of homes where I can go eat. My Tamil fans know how to take care of me.

Watch the video of Kamal`s press conference (Tamil) here:

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