'Crime Patrol' to tell Delhi gang-rape incident

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 04, 2013 13:20 hrs

New Delhi, Jan 4 (IANS) As the nation reels under the horror of the brutal gang-rape of a 23-year-old Delhi girl and fights for justice for her, popular TV crime show "Crime Patrol" has decided to dedicate an episode to the incident.

"We are trying to keep it as factual as possible. We are not sensationalising things. We are doing it with utmost sensitivity and trying to give our point of view and suggestions," Anup Soni, the host of the show, told IANS.

"In the past we have shown episodes featuring rape cases, but this is the case that turned people into rebels. As and when we have shown such cases in the show, our approach has always been to change the mindset of people and this time it is the same too," he added and pointed out that people's "outlook needs to be changed".

The 23-year-old physiotherapist was brutally raped by six men in a moving bus in south Delhi Dec 16 and she died in a Singapore hospital Dec 29, where she was being treated for the grievous injuries.

Anup calls for stringent laws against rape cases.

"It is important that the culprits should not get a feeling that they can easily get away with the law. It is important to instill the fear of law in them and for that stringent laws need to be made," he said.

"Apart from rape cases, there are many eve-teasing incidents that go unnoticed. A bifurcation needs to be made that 'this is the punishment for rape' and 'this is the punishment for eve-teasing'. It is important to build that fear in men who commit such heinous crimes, which would force them to think twice before doing something like this again."

"I know it is not easy to change the mindset of people, who look down upon women. It will take time, it might take generations, but something can definitely be done at the judicial level, which won't take so much time," he added.

Asked how does he think presenting the entire incident on small screen will help, Anup said: "I would give you a simple example. The tragedy of Titanic sinking in sea happened years back, but it was only when the tragedy was brought alive through a movie that people were able to relate to it more, and even felt sad about it."

"In Delhi gang-rape case too, we hope that people relate to it more and help bring about a change in the mindset of others too. We hope that fire within people to bring about a change in the society doesn't die."

The episode will be aired Jan 11-12 on Sony.

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