Daniel Kish is my inspiration: Vikram

Last Updated: Thu, Sep 13, 2012 04:52 hrs

The Vikram, Anushka, Amy starrer Thaandavam produced by UTV is releasing on the 28 th of this month and promotions are going on in full swing.

One of the roles essayed by Vikram in the film is that of a blind man. Apparently, Vikram trained under the US based echolocation expert Daniel Kish for the role.

Kish has been blind in both eyes since a baby due to a retinal tumour. But for the last 10 years he has been helping blind people across the world, by training them through his organization World Access For the Blind, which uses echo location or the use of clicking of the tongue to deduce the distance of objects from sound waves, in order to navigate around their space and live a normal life, much like what bats and dolphins do.

This angle has been used extensively in the movie and UTV’s G Dhananjayan  decided to fly down Daniel Kish from California in order to talk about his role in training Vikram for the movie where he has also played a small role as himself.

Said Vikram at the media meet, “Daniel is the inspiration of Thaandavam.The core of the film is what he stands for and has achieved in the world. He was so accurate even though he was new to film making. In fact he would stand at the mark on the sets correctly everytime even though we may miss it! I think a door will open for the blind people in India, through Daniel.”

A short AV on his work was shown at the meet after which Kish explained that he conducts workshops around the world and in India too, to help the blind. Talking about his inspiration he said, ‘It was my parents, who wanted me to pay taxes, move out of the house at 18 and look after them in their old age, just like any other son. They never restricted me from any activity because of my blindness. They raised me to enjoy  all the experiences anyone my age should.”

Kish revealed, “I have been featured in documentaries but this was my first movie. So my reaction was mixed. I was nervous and honoured at the same time. But I took it as a positive way to bring our work before the camera. It was very comfortable working with Vikram, whom I considered more of a student, like the many others I have.” The meet was attended by director Vijay as well.


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