Delhi gang-rape case: K'wood celebs angry and concerned!

Last Updated: Thu, Dec 20, 2012 07:38 hrs

By Sridevi Sreedhar

In the heart of the capital, a 23-year-old woman gang-raped and brutally beaten with an iron rod then stripped and thrown out of a moving bus! Now she is battling for her life in a hospital as doctors attending to her said the intestines had become "non-viable and prone to gangrene."

As the girl clings on to threads of life, this incident has outraged the entire country and rightly so. Thousands of people are erupting in protests resulting in a huge wave of pressure on the Government to take solid and substantial action on the issue once and for all.

When we contacted Kollywood celebrities on their reaction to the gang rape in Delhi, it was quick response. Sridevi Sreedhar spoke to few Kollywood celebs and our top stars were not far behind in expressing anguish and anger.
Q: How should the Delhi rape case be dealt with? Does the answer lie in police or judicial reform?

Actors Suriya, Madhavan, Nayanthara, Trisha, Shruti, Amala, Kushboo were among the other top actors who wanted to voice their views. They demanded strict punishment for those involved and a change in the set of laws regarding rape cases.

Nayanthara: “ I am yet to recover from the shock that something like this happened in our country. Cruelty to women should be nipped at the bud. I understand that even if the girl survives, she will be like a vegetable. I think that our government should show no mercy to these men who has made her life miserable. We are not acceptable to bringing out new rules like taking off tinted glasses and getting the driver’s details checked and all as a solution to this issue.  Our laws should be reassessed. Justice has to happen faster, culprits have to be flogged or hanged to death so that such atrocities never happen in future.
Madhavan:  “Open judicial enquiry and televised trial. Swift verdict and public execution of that verdict. I believe swift and severe punishment is the only deterrent.”

Hansika: “ Read the heart rending, shocking & saddening news about the gang-rape on a Delhi bus! I felt very ashamed and very sorry for the young girl. Sometimes I wish our laws were as simple and strict as tooth for tooth & an eye for an eye. I strongly believe that the rapists should be hanged without a second thought.”

Shruti Haasan- “This issue has to be dealt with on a number of levels.Definitely a judicial reform is a must. A sense of fear needs to be there. This is an act that represents so many things wrong. With our society and as a woman I am just so afraid of the state of affairs. I believe swift and severe punishment is the only deterrent.”
Aishwarya R. Dhanush- “It's absolutely inhuman and I feel that we the government , the police and every citizen of this county should stop analysing and start focusing on immediate action with regard to such unethical rude and crude behaviour toward fellow humans . It's sad that in a country where we propagate freedom and equality that such barbarous acts still exist. Capital punishment will instigate fear and looks like that's the only way to instil basic humane values sadly.”

Suriya- “Is justice asleep? The rapists must be hanged or shot dead.”

Amala Paul –“ Isn't it a combination of both- ie police as well as the judiciary? I feel atleast in cases like this we should follow Saudi Arabia, kill them without trial, they are not human beings, animals that too of the worst type. What's the whole point of giving a verdict by prolonging it as much as they can? Don’t they reduce the impact and the fire in people's mind? Death penalty! And again it’s happening in the country capital, what safety does a girl have? It’s time the judiciary and the punishing body should wake up and act!”

Prakash Raj- “Judicial reform is a must. And the police, people and society in general should have zero tolerance to this nonsense-I think the one and only way to get justice is that they should be hanged!!”
Kushboo- “Delhi police should be sensitized to deal with rape cases. You cannot say it does not fall under my judiciary so I won't deal with it. It’s disgusting to see the saviors of this nation to say that the answer lies with both, police as well as judicial system. We need to and must set an example by meting out extremely painful death for the rapists.  A woman cannot be raped again and again by the courts, police, doctors and the media, respect her atleast in her agony and pain.”

Priya Mani- “The way it’s being dealt with now, serious action should be taken and the rapists should be hanged!!! It shouldn’t be considered as just another incident...”

GV Prakash Kumar-“ In Arab countries it’s not possible to do things like this because their laws are very strong . May be we should follow laws like that for rape cases in India . We need more control and awareness here over these issues and these idiots should be punished in public. Judicial reform might work on these cases . We also have women in our family and how will we feel safe sending them out?”
Shriya Saran- “Answer lies in both judicial reform and police. It’s a collective step. It should be dealt harshly, strictly and quickly this time. Police needs to be more vigilant, responsible and effective.Even people should come forward and stand up. Just because this didn't happen in your locality, neighbourhood or city, doesn't matter you can chill and make it just another news item. I think it’s important that people stand up and make some changes.”

Rima Kallingal: “Definitely the laws should change!! People who are so primitive are as good as animals and they respond only to fear! Let there be quick and severe punishment that will deter anyone from even thinking of hurting a woman!”

Trisha- “Laws have to be made and implemented. If we had rules as strict as the Middle East it would reduce  crime rate. Answer lies in both actually. According to me one can't have a difference of opinion on matterslike these. Capital punishment is a must. A crime like this is as gruesome and horrifying as terrorism!”
Tamannaaah-  “These deviants are not afraid of consequence, as it comes too little too late, So our laws should be reassessed. Justice has to happen faster.”

Lakshmi Manchu-“ It is a judicial reform; we need to have stricter rules for rape. Castration if you ask me. It is not a sexual desire for men but of power, ego, violence and greed. I am not for capital punishment for any crime. I feel it is too easy. Make him learn and not be able to touch or see another woman as a piece of meat. Animals have more respect love and ethics that we humans do.”

Gitanjali Selvaraghavan-"Rape anywhere of any kind is a heinous act. I also believe that simple judicial reforms and vigilant police are not enough. People's attitude towards sex/women and rape needs to change. As citizens of India we need to stand up and say "enough". Being an idle by- stander when a crime is being committed is as good as committing it yourself. The perpetrators in this incident need to be made an example. Hang them. Let men nationwide know that they cannot simply get away with it anymore."

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