I work with blinkers on: Taapsee

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 13, 2011 03:44 hrs

She is the new entrant to Kollywood.

Cool, Confident and Cute - Taapsee is making her debut with Aadukalam directed by Vetrimaran opposite Dhanush set against a Madurai backdrop. Excerpts from a peppery chat with the new entrant to Kollywood

What is your state of mind?
I am extremely nervous and have a million butterflies in my stomach (smiles). I hear a lot of positive feedback from my unit members but I am anxious to hear the audience reaction to the film and my character.

What is your role in the film?
I play an Anglo-Indian, who is very much a Tamilian at heart. She is a sober-looking and very sweet person. She suffers from an identity crisis, as her father and her grandmother want her to settle abroad, but she does not want to leave India. She vents out her frustration on a guy who follows and irritates her.

Vetrimaran has said in an interview that he found your face apt for the role. Does that mean that you have a demure look?
I can look glamourous like what I've done in a couple of Telugu films and at the same time look demure too. I am glad that Vetrimaran sir gave me such a wonderful character where I can perform.

How was it working with Dhanush?
He is a darling, very down-to-earth co-star who is so simple with no starry airs. He helped me with the language and especially the Madurai slang.

What are your current projects?
I am working with Jiiva in Vandhaan Vendraan and a Malayalam film titled Doubles with Mammootty. I don't want to rush things and make the mistake of choosing a bad script. I'm waiting to hear the response of Aadukalam.

Are you worried about competition?
I work with blinkers on. I just focus on my work. I wasn't looking to be a part of the industry and it happened by chance and today I'm glad that I'm here. I want to do good films