Manas lost lead in 'Amita Ka Amit' because of good looks

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 07, 2013 10:40 hrs

Mumbai, Feb 7 (IANS) He lost the lead role in "Amita Ka Amit" because of his good looks, claims Manas Shah who now features as the main lead's cousin Rohan in the new series, but in future he would prefer to play a protagonist.

"I was told that I was too good looking for Amit's character. So my good looks made me lose the lead role," Manas, who plays Rohan in the show, told IANS.

Being produced by Swastik Productions, the show features Chandani Bhawnani as Amita and Nishad Vaidya as Amit.

"The basic requirement for Amit's role was that the guy should not be good looking nor fit and fine. He should be a normal looking guy. They called me for the role, but I had lost weight and worked on myself. So when they saw me, they said I have changed and I was not suiting the character requirement," he said.

The youngster feels that main leads get importance and recognition.

"Main lead gets a lot of support. Even if the performance is not up to the mark, scriptwriters make a lot of effort for you. You become the hero easily without having worked that hard. You get footage, media supports you, recognition, the show is about you...So if you get the main lead then it is a big thing," he said.

Talking about this character, Manas said his character is a contrast to Amit's who is shown as a "simple" guy and "I am opposite".

"I love to live my life. I work, party, play games... everything. Amit is the 'time-table' kind of guy. I do smart work and finish it off in two hours. So I am smarter than him," he added.

His entry is not a surprise in the show, it was well-thought out.

"It was locked before. It was decided that the family will enter after the 10th episode, so that's how it is. Everyone is happy with me now," he said.

This is Manas' fourth show after "Hamari Devrani", "Gulaal" and "Smile Please".

Talking about his future plans, Manas said that currently he is trying for films, but TV remains his priority.

"I am in talks for some films, but it is in the initial stages. I can't say much about it. I want to do TV till I am getting roles, as the visibility is more on TV. There are chances for improvement. Right now TV is priority," he said.

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