Muktha Srinivasan clarifies on 'Nayakan'

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 30, 2012 03:04 hrs

 Veteran producer Muktha V Srinivasan had sent a legal notice to Kamal Haasan for his article ‘Of course, Velu Nayakan doesn’t dance’ ( The Hindu, Sunday Magazine, October 21). Srinivasan was peeved about Kamal calling him an old school filmmaker in an article on 25 years of Nayakan.
He has hit back with a clarification (The Hindu, Sunday Magazine, October 28) where he says “To generate and invest Rs. 1 crore in a Tamil movie in 1986 and market and release it without any problem was a huge task. As a senior producer, I was always interested in seeing that the distributors who bought the movie made profits. I do not know why Kamal Haasan has chosen to talk about the film now. Calling a filmmaker as “old school” is, I think, outdated.”

Srinivasan also said that Kamal interfered with the making of Nayakan and also copied from The Godfather.   Srinivasan clarified : “Had Kamal Haasan allowed Mani to make the movie originally conceived by him, it would have been his best movie. Mani would have come up with a better scene had Kamal not insisted on copying from The Godfather. A good artist is one who gets inspired from a movie. The scene where Kamal Haasan cries on seeing the dead body of his son is copied from The Godfather, and he imitates Marlon Brando. This scene was booed by the audience, because it never fit the character and lacked nativity.”
Muktha Srinivasan concludes by saying : “ I have nothing against Kamal Haasan taking credit for the success of Nayakan. But not at my cost, please.”


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