Neerparavai made me a confident actor: Sunaina

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 05:02 hrs

She’s back on the scene and how! With a superbly realistic performance in Seenu Ramasamy’s Neerparavai, produced by Red Giant Movies, Sunaina has proved yet again that she’s an actor to watch out for. Picky about her roles, the actor talks about the experience of working in Neerparavai and how the film has changed her..

What’s your role like in the film?
I play Esther, an orphan Christian girl who works in a Church, in a fishing village set during 1980’s. She falls in love with a local drunken, wastrel played by Vishnu. How their life changes is the story.

It’s a realistically portrayed character, different from the usual masala fare. How did you prepare for it?
Yes, that’s true, its different from the roles I’ve done so far. So I was nervous. Seenu sir had only told me to land up on shoot and take it from there. I had no preparation of any kind. My biggest fear was that I had no reference for such a character from the 80’s. My eyes had to do all the talking mostly. Dialogues are less in the film. So I was confused. But Seenu is a great director. He changed me completely. He just told me not to act, and follow my heart in every scene. He said my feelings would show in my eyes. And that’s exactly what I did. So much so, I started crying in the scenes without any glycerin.

So had the film changed you in any way?
Yes! My entire view of acting has changed post Neerparavai! It has made me more confident as an actor. From now on, I will never be nervous before a film. And that’s because Seenu sir taught me to feel deeply what I am doing and get completely into the character.

How was it working with Vishnu?
Vishnu is a good actor. One thing we share in common is that like me, he too takes his work very seriously. In fact, he plays a drunk in the film and even after the shot, if I spoke to him,  he would still be in drunk like state, talking with a slur! I was amazed to see his dedication to the character to make it real! I was really happy to work with someone like him!


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