Aabhasam review: Go for this trip at your own risk only!

Aabhasam review: Go for this trip at your own risk only!


Monday 7 May 2018

Movie Title



Jubith Namradath

Star Cast

Suraj Venjarammoodu, Rima Kallingal

Director Jubith Namradath’s Aabhasam has been made as a satire that exposes some hypocrisies that is seen around in the society and also about certain mindsets that need to be changed. 

It all begins from a luxury bus travel agency curiously named ‘Democracy’ at Bengaluru. Their buses are called Gandhi, Godse, Marx, Jinnah and Ambedkar. We are introduced to the travelers in one of the buses, which has Alancier as the driver and Suraj Venjarammoodu as the conductor. 

There is a bearded swami heading for Sabarimala, a young woman who is going home after receiving an urgent call from her mom, a drunkard with a roving eye, a pastor and his wife, a few foreign tourists, a family and so on. Rima Kallingal plays one of them in this bus who is travelling alone. 

A certain cross section of a normal society is in attendance. What next? We wait for things to happen. But we soon learn that besides some random statements, a few comments and some generalizations this one has no real stuff that keeps us engaged. 

After making the viewers wait for quite long, the story takes some steps ahead with a twist. By then it is pretty sure that this one is an exercise in vain. We really wish that the director indeed made some strong statements but this one ends up as a big disappointment. That too during these times when so much disturbing things are happening in the society. 

Though it is a role that is barely challenging for him, Suraj Venjarammoodu performs his part in a dedicated manner. Rima Kallingal has nothing much to do. 

Aabhasam got into news when the film had trouble with the Censor Board. It is not clear what irked the Censors, but this one is more of a futile trip that is barely interesting. Go for this trip at your own risk only! 

Aabhasam review- Verdict: Below average