Aanakkallan review:A bumpy ride with not much to keep the viewer engaged

Aanakkallan review:A bumpy ride with not much to keep the viewer engaged

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Monday 22 October 2018

Movie Title



Suresh Divakar

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Sidhique, Anusree

Someone should ask director Suresh Divakar on what was he trying to say in Aanakkallan as he has not been able to make that clear to the viewer with his movie.

Esthappan (Sidhique) is a DYSP, who has married a girl (Sarayu) from a wealthy household, of course without the approval of her parents. He is assigned with the duty of finding the mystery behind a skeleton which was found from an old palace.

He finds a thief named Pavithran (Biju Menon), who was caught from the palace during that time from the palace and takes him to his wife’s home. Pavithran is introduced as Esthappan’s friend. The investigation moves way to comedy from that point of time, as it happens in almost every Udayakrishna script.

There are some comedians including Dharmajan Bolghatty, Sudheer Karamana and Hareesh Kanaran to tickle your funny bone with their one liners and Shamna Kasim to dance and fall for everyone from Dharmajan to Biju Menon. 

So where is the investigation, you wonder? Sometime later, a flashback story begins and after hours of excruciating twists, plots and subplots, the case is solved. By then, you would be searching for some medicines for your migraine. 

With a shaky script, the director treads on a bumpy ride with not much to keep the viewer engaged. 

In a role where he is mostly playing a supporting role to Sidhique, the usually bankable Biju Menon looks totally out of form. He repeats his trademark mannerisms and dialogue delivery at times to evoke laughter, but in this one Biju disappoints big time. Sidhique definitely looks much older than the character that he is playing. Hareesh Kanaran and Dharmajan Bolghatty manages a few laughs here and there.

Aanakkallan is the kind of a movie that goes on and on trying to generate some laughs in the midst of lots of twists and turns. If that is all you want for the price of a ticket, try this one at your own risk.

Aanakkallan review: Verdict: Tedious

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