Aandava Perumal


Sunday 3 March 2013

Movie Title

Aandava Perumal



Star Cast

Shivan, Ankitha, LolluSabha Jeeva & Sasi

Actor Shivan wants to be an action hero, who also romances. His earlier attempts (Vijayanagaram & Kottie), were rejected by the viewers. Now he is making another attempt with Aandava Perumal directed by debutant Priyan who was an assistant to editor Lenin.

Aandava Perumal fails as it has the usual stereotypes associated with such films. The film starts in a narrative format with the hero Sarathy (Shivan), telling his life story. Sarathy is the usual youth seen in many Tamil films.

He loafs around till he meets Anita (Ankita) and falls head over in love with her, but she rejects him! And as usual our hero has a pathos song in a bar!

A day before her marriage Anita gets into an argument with a thug Ravi (Sasi), after he misbehaves with her best friend. Enter our hero Sarathy who comes to her rescue and then there is a twist at the end.

Comedian Lollusabha Jeeva has a walk in comedy role and disappears. Shivan makes a mess of the emotional scenes, new girl Ankita is just ok. The film less than 2 hours is a total waste of time.

Verdict - Avoidable