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Friday 7 July 2006

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Vignesh, Divya, Nasser

Kollywood?s fascination for gangster movies continues with Aacharya. This year at least 10 films have told in detail how an ordinary man becomes a gangster due to circumstances. Well, Aacharya directed by debutant Ravi gives a new twist of how an ordinary poor Brahmin boy due to quirk of fate turns into a gangster!

Ravi, a former associate of Bala just like his guru tries to move away from the beaten track and succeeds to a large extent. Aacharya has a refreshing new twist to the gangster saga, a gentle tenor, yet lacks the drama to catapult it into ?A? category. But somewhere down the lane, the events get repetitive and predictable.

Yadhunandhan (Vignesh) is an orphan Brahmin boy who runs away from his village in Tanjavur to Madurai city to earn a living. From a gentle guy who gets into the gang of Mayakka (Vadivukarasi) a tough female vegetable seller who lords over her area, Yadhu becomes Samy the gentle tough nut who becomes friend to all gangsters including the kingpin Annavi Thevar (Nasser).

Gang war erupts after Mayakka is brutally butchered by a rival and cops crackdown. Samy is on the run along with friends who are killed in ?encounter killings? as Thevar sells out to save his skin. How Samy brings Thevar to the books with the help of his girlfriend (Divya) now a cop and a local SP (Charanraj)forms the rest of the story.

There is lot of Bala touch in the film as the ambience is always dark and moody. Ravi has not explained why the gentle Swamy turned to crime. The crackdown on gangsters and trigger happy cops who shoots all and sundry are a little far fetched. The love between Samy and his girl is not convincing. The songs are there in the background and are used to give a dark mood to the proceedings.

Vadivukarasi as Mayakka is simply superb and Charanraj as cop is good. For Vignesh, it is a comeback vehicle and he has done his best while Nassar is riveting as the guy with negative shades. Ravi can be proud of his debut film though it starts as a bleak dark film and ends in that way. Nevertheless it is one of the better movies in the gangster genre.

Verdict: Above Average

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