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Saturday 10 December 2005

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Surya, Trisha, Asish Vidyarthi, Vadivelu, Reddy, Kalabhavan Mani

Straight from the bat, Aaru is heart-breakingly disappointing. It is nowhere in the league of Surya?s earlier films like Kaakha Kaakha, Pitamagan, Aayutha Ezhuthu and the recent Ghajini. But what we can?t understand is why Surya accepted this mindless film which is full of blood and gore?

The writer-director Hari lays it thick-sadism and violence with no human sentiments worked out - unlike his earlier film. This time, Hari?s film is set in Chennai?s mean street and talks about the politician- goonda nexus that flourishes in its underbelly. The fatal flaw is the script or the lack of it. If Hari?s story and screenplay has been better fleshed out, maybe one would sympathize with Aarumugham the central character.

Aarumugham (Surya) an orphan better known as Aaru is a street smart goonda with a heart of gold. He can make or break political meetings using his muscle and organizational capabilities by getting people hired from the Saidapet slum in Chennai where he lives. Aaru who is brought up since childhood by Viswanathan (Asish Vidyarthi), a gangster and political kingmaker uses him like a pawn to settle scores with Reddy (Telugu villain Jaiprakash Reddy) and others.

One day Viswanathan asks Aaru to arrange a political protest against the resignation of a minister by creating a suicide bid. Aaru arranges five of his close aides for the suicide drama, but Viswanathan masterminds to set them on fire and they actually end up dead! And when it finally dawns on Aaru that it was his boss who was responsible for the killing, he goes on a revenge spree on Viswanathan and his family.

Meanwhile there is a girl Maha (Trisha) a college student and sales girl who falls in love with Aaru seeing his muscle power and good heart! Every scene in Aaru is predictable with no twist or surprise for the viewer. Close-ups of villains hands being chopped off, a guy slashed with aruvaal like chopping vegetables, people being burnt alive- all makes your stomach churn. Thank God, the censors gave the film an ?A? certificate!

Your heart goes out to Surya who is certainly above the film. Some unsolicited advice to the young actor- Please do not do such crass mass masala movies, which go against your sophisticated image that you have cultivated after being Anbuchelvam and Sanjay Ramasamy, the heartthrob of millions! A pale looking Trisha?s role has been poorly etched out and she seems to be disinterested in the proceedings.

The ham brigade of Asish Vidyarthi, Jaiprakash and Kalabhavan Mani is at their best while Vadivelu thinks that getting beaten up is comedy!!! Devi Sri Prasad?s music is a big let down as there is no hummable song especially the one shot in Jordan turning out to be a damp squib.

Unfortunately Aaru offers neither insight nor content-just unmitigated violence. In sum this prolonged (2 hours 45 min) film is difficult to bear.

Verdict: Disappointing

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