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Madhavan, Prakash Raj, Bhavana,Vadivel
Mani Sharma
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For most of us, cinema is a fantasy ride. We go to the movies to laugh, cry and be entertained. Director Balasekhar has packaged Arya keeping the ordinary viewer who loves mass movies in mind. Madhavan, Bhavana and Prakash Raj have done their bit to make it work with the viewers and provide a time-pass entertainer.

The story is nothing but a version of Taming of the Shrew, a subject very popular with our viewers and makers from time immemorial. Deepika (Bhavana) is a spoiled brat, a rich girl with an attitude problem, who calls the shots in the Medical College she studies. All students, professors and even the Dean of the college are mortally afraid of her, as she is the only sister of Kasi (Prakash Raj), the dreaded local don who runs "legal and illegal business" in the city. In fact, Deepika got into the Medical College after Kasi had killed a merit admission student with the same name, in the presence of the Education Minister!

Enter Arya (Madhavan), a final year student who has come to Chennai Medical College on transfer from Coimbatore. He is a 'Mr Nice Guy', who lives by the law along with his loving mother and sister. From his first day in college, Arya clashes with Deepika, who is furious with him for parking his bike next to her car and for not saying "Good Morning" to her! In a fit of rage she destroys his bike, kidnaps his sister and gives him a torrid time. But Arya pays her back in the same coin, and does not wilt under pressure.

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Soon she falls in love with the first man who stood up to her, and tells her brother that she wants to marry him at any cost! Arya is firm that his social status does not allow him to marry the sister of a rowdy! This infuriates the brother and sister, who are now determined to change "Mr. Nice Guy" into a "Rowdy"! How they go about provoking Arya who does not succumb to pressures and how he uses his wit and brains to lay out a trap for the don forms the rest of this hilarious story.

What works for the movie is its rapid pace and packaging by Balasekhar. Don't look for logic or reason in this fun movie, as the idea is to provide maximum entertainment in 2 hours and 35 minutes. Vadivel works his tried-and-tested comic antics one more time. Though the comedy is jarring at times, the director obviously has the B&C audiences, who love Vadivel’s buffoonery. Vadivel's run-in with Bhavana is sure to raise a few laughs. Maddy plays to the galleries, and his comic confrontation scenes with Prakash Raj are a scream. Prakash is in his elements, giving his best comic-villain act since Ghilli.

Bhavana is the heart of Arya. She is simply superb, doing a very difficult role at such a young age which has negative shades till the end -- similar to what a veteran like Vijayashanti did in Mannan or Ramya Krishnan in Padayappa. And in the end you do come away smiling because of the hilarious bickering and bonding between the lead pair who have terrific on-screen chemistry that works big time. Mani Sharma's music is truly rocking, especially the opening catchy title song, which is well picturised with Tejasri thrown in as added attraction. The dream song Jilendra Theeye… is a peppy romantic melody that works, and yes, don’t miss Maddy's dance movements.

This young, vibrant, joyous film could do with some editing in the first half, to make it a little crisper. Don't look for great or meaningful cinema, just chill out with Arya.

Verdict: Paisa Vasool


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