Aasai Aasaiyai

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 7 February 2003

Movie Title

Aasai Aasaiyai


Ravi Mariya

Star Cast

Jeeva, Sharmilee, Naseer

By Moviebuzz

For Super Good Films and R.B.Chowdary Aasai Aasaiyai is an important film as it is the launch pad for Jeeva, his son as a hero. The story screenplay, dialogues and direction are credited to debutant Ravi Mariya, but sadly the film fails to impress.

The film is a rehash of many love stories in the past including Fazil?s Kathalikku Mariyathai. Vinod (Jeeva) is an unemployed youth and son of a postman (Vijayakumar). Brinda (Sharmilee) is the second daughter of a jewellery shop owner Sankaranarayanan (Nasser). This engineering student is determined not to fall in love as her father is already upset with her elder sister who had eloped with her lover, a no-good scoundrel.

Sankaranarayanan?s best friend and Police commissioner Sreenivasan (Anandraj) hires a detective agency to follow Brinda. Vinod who joins the agency is thus deputed to trace Brinda?s movements but he instead falls in love with her. Finally after a lot of comic interludes Brinda also starts loving him. Suddenly the lovers decide to marry only after becoming successful in life and with their parent?s blessings!! They vow never to meet or see each other till they achieve their goal. How the lovers unite in the end forms the rest of the tedious love story.

The debutant boy Jeeva is cool and has done his homework well. He proves to be star material while TV anchor Sharmilee is disappointing. She has to do a crash course in acting. The comedy of Kakkaji (?kaka? Gopal) is boorish. The music of Mani Sharma is rehash .

Verdict: Tedious

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