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VN Aditya
Siddartha, Ileana, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Munna, Sunil, Brahmanandam
Devi Sri Prasad
MS Raju
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M.S Raju has moved away from his usual message packaged entertainment formula to make an out and out masala comedy caper, with Aata which has has a wafer-thin story. But what makes the film work to a certain extent is and director V.N Aditya’s presentation and the laugh spinning line-up of Siddharth, Sunil and new guy Munna as villain turned comedian.

Sri Krishna (Siddarth) son of Seshagiri (Sarath Babu) grows up in a projection room of a theatre in a village. Films and its heroes influence him so much that he is all in awe of their heroism and wants to do something similar in life. On parallel lines, in the city a college student Satya (Ileana) and friends ends up in a tussle with Vikki (Munna) son of Home Minister during the New Year eve celebrations in a discothèque. Later that night, her friend Jyothi is raped and killed by Munna but is left scot-free due to his political connections.

The student community protests demanding punishment to Vikki, who is hit by a stone – pelted by Satya! Now, she becomes Vikki’s target and she is on the run. Our hero meets Satya and both fall in love. The rest of the film is how Sri Krishna uses his brains to fight against a powerful lobby in the city, manages to get Vikki punished and wins the girl in the end.

The film has shades of films like The Duchess and the Dirt water Fox and our own Pawan’s Gudumbha Shankar . But the film works due to the live wire performance of Siddharth who is a bundle of energy. Ileana has a well etched out role and this time cameraman Chota K.Nadiu gets credit for taking trouble of making her look good especially in close-up shots. She has come out with a decent performance apart from looking glamourous with her hour-glass figure.

New villain Munna (has done a few Malayalam films) looks fresh and does both the cartoonish and villainy with elan. Jayaprakash Reddy appears as the Home Minister delivering hilarious dialogues in Nellore accent, Sunil as his relative, Sayaji Shinde and Anooradha all does justice to the supporting cast.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is hummable but, too many songs in the second half act as speed breakers. The audience will like the title song "Aata…". The song "Ninnu Choostunte…" are good. Peter Haynes action and cycle chase scenes are interesting though they defy logic. Chota K.Naidu’s camera has etched the beautiful landscapes of Godavari.

Verdict: Fun and Frolic


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