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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 25 November 2005

Movie Title



Saravana Subbiah

Star Cast

Shaam, Sneha, Nandana, Aparna

Director Saravana Subbiah who made a name through an action adventure film (Citizen) has now deviated to make this soft and mushy romantic film ABCD. It reminds you of one of those mega serials with a wafer thin storyline that goes on and on?

Actually Subbiah?s desire is to dissect the difference between friendship and love. His hero Anand (Shaam) is a cool guy who never gets provocated and is an absolute do-gooder a person whom we rarely come across. And into his life enters three women- Bharati (Nandana) a fiercely independent spitfire who always jumps the gun. Then there is Divya Daisy (Aparna) an orphan brought up by mother superior in a church and she is highly emotive and liberal. And finally it is Chandra (Sneha) a widow who is sensitive and loving as she had a miserable marriage as her cantankerous husband (Saravana Subbiah) was a sadist.

Anand gives a patient hearing to all and gives moral support to them. He gives them a feeling that they are well-looked after without reciprocating their love. It is a typical K.Balachandar meets Vikraman romance. Subbiah is off the mark as there is no man perfect like Anand in today?s world! The story simply just doesn?t gel with the generation next audience who likes to break free from the constrictions of moribund traditions.

In the first half, it is introduction of all the characters and how they meet and react, while the second half is all about the build up to the climax. There are 13 bit songs of one minute duration written by Pa Vijay for characters and situations along with five songs that makes the proceedings a bit tedious.

In the climax, Anand tells Bharati that he had only ?affection? for her and admired her as she was a fighter and sole bread winner of her family. As for Divya he warns her saying- ?Women should not be too emotional?. Both these girls do not understand the meaning of love according to Anand who finally falls for Chandra!

Shaam has come out with a matured performance and it is his career best. He looks convincing and is at ease with the three women. Among the three girls, Sneha?s Chandra the independent and sensitive girl who feels that she is jinxed stands out with her natural performance and her eyes convey most of her emotions. Aparna as a modern Divya is perky and life like while Nandana?s Bharati is good and the girl shows promise.

Madan Bob with his characteristic loud laugh and Kundarthal Subbiah as Chandra?s father are typical stereotypes. Vadivelu?s comedy track stands out in a serious romantic movie. D.Imman?s music is loud and his melodies are not striking.

If you like a mixture of romance, mush and melodrama then ABCD is on your priority list.

Verdict- Average

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